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Leveraging Vue Storefront to Develop Progressive Web Apps in Magento 2 ecommerce Store

Delivering a convenient, consistent, and multi-channel user experience is at the core of all modern digital business strategies and the innovations happening right now. One such technological innovations that happened as a result of the need to deliver a great CX is – Progressive Web Apps. A blessing in disguise in the world of digital commerce, a PWA delivers native web-app like experience but don’t have to be downloaded on the user’s devices.

Today Progressive Web App is one of the rapidly used and preferred methods of developing mobile-supportive websites. In this whitepaper we will explore a lot more about Progressive Web App and the many advantages it lends to digital commerce ecosystem.

The key focus of this whitepaper is on understanding how Vue storefront, a mainstream PWA framework that helps in significantly boosting your ecommerce site performance.

Here’s what you will learn in this whitepaper:

  • Understanding the concept of Progressive Web Apps
  • How PWAs are a blessing in disguise?
  • What is Vuestorefront?
  • How to integrate Vue storefront with your Magento store

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