[Video] Headless Commerce and Progressive Web Apps: A Match Made in Heaven

[Video] Headless Commerce and Progressive Web Apps: A Match Made in Heaven

This is part-II of our video series on Headless Commerce. Be sure to check out the Part-I video here. https://youtu.be/yCy71FTqkiU

In the first video, we discussed regarding the fundamental concept of Headless Commerce. We also discussed the value-add a Headless Commerce solution offers, in comparison to the traditional ecommerce solution.

This new video will focus on Progressive Web Apps, an application development strategy that will enable you to leverage all the benefits of Headless Commerce.

Progressive web apps are your regular websites, but with all the right technology ingredients. One of their path-breaking features is the app-like experience they render using modern web technologies.

Curious to learn more about PWAs? Want to know how they deliver all the benefits promised by the Headless Commerce platform? Watch this video for some answers.

The video will give you a clear insight into:

  • What is a Progressive Web App?
  • Features of PWA
  • How PWA is a Headless Commerce Solution?
  • Benefits of Progressive Web Apps
  • Real-world Impact of Progressive Web Apps

All stakeholders in the Ecommerce industry looking to target users on different platforms will find this video series relatable.

If you already have hands-on experience of PWAs and headless commerce and have some queries, this video can be a good ice-breaker!

We also have a detailed blog on headless commerce and PWA. Check it out here


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