Fleet Management Telematics devices

Business Challenge:

  • The software architecture of our customer’s telematics fleet management applications was not modular. Due to absence of various required drivers (not readily available in market), each module was being accessed through application layer using driver level commands

Embitel Solution:

  • We collaborated with our customer across product lines – GPS fleet security, vehicle and trailer tracking
  • Our team worked on specialized microcontrollers and M2M (Machine to Machine) modules for which power efficiency is a critical factor
  • Development of drivers and application for iButton technology and one wire protocol for different Temperature Sensors, Humidity Sensors, Current Sensors, Voltage Sensors and EEPROM
  • Design and development of a driver for STX3 Globalstar Sattelite network transmitter module for AVL (Automatic Vehicle Locator) in geographical area where mobile network is not available.
  • Driver development for GPS modules of UBlox.
  • Driver development for radio modules from Novatel Wireless (Enfora)
  • Driver development for CDMA, 2G and 3G network modules from UBlox
  • Different interfaces were created under these radio drivers for data transfer using UDP, TCP, HTTP protocols and SMS (Short Message Service).
  • J1939 and GPS simulator (JGPS Simulator) development for fleet device testing

Embitel Impact:

  • Drivers developed by Embitel are not available as off-the shelf solutions in the market and required detailed customizations for our customer
  • All our GPS and radio modules drivers are designed in a way that they can be used either in 32 bit or 16 bit microcontroller easily by selecting the HAL (Hardware abstraction layer) file
  • Our JGPS simulator has helped our customer achieve time and cost savings on testing of devices

Tools and Technologies:

  • Controller: STM 32F103ZF (Arm Cortex M3, 32 bit), TI MSP430 (16 bit)
  • Third party modules like pyQT (for designing framework GUI) and Psutil (to monitor running proceIDE: Keil uVision4, Code composer studio 5, Visual studio
  • RTOS: Keil RTX
  • Language: Embedded C (For all drivers), C# (For JGPS simulator)

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