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Optimizing Product Information Management for Magento With Pimcore

Global Retail Brands, who have embraced online commerce as the new customer touch point and revenue stream, manage multi-store catalogs on a single website.

Such ecommerce projects often confront ecommerce developers with new challenges such as managing huge volumes of product information, and tracking and distributing rich and varied digital assets and catalogs more dynamically.

How Magento Product Information Management (PIM) Helps in Personalization

Handling multiple stores is one thing, personalizing them in terms of product information is another. E-commerce businesses want to target different geographies and personalization (showcasing product catalogs that are relevant to your visitor based on their city/country) is very critical.

In this context, personalization refers to showcasing product catalogs that are relevant to your visitor based on his/her city or country.

There may be scenarios where some products are not relevant/available in some geography. Also the product pricing and promotion strategies may differ from city-to-city or country-to-country.

Addressing Data Management Challenges with Pimcore-Magento 2 Integration

Pimcore, a digital platform provider, offers data management solutions designed to address such issues. It also complements the Magento Commerce Platform by enabling dynamic product information management as well as digital asset management.

“Product information management (PIM) is one area where major challenges lie. For instance, a store may be interested in showing one product in different stores at different prices. Additionally, one store may promote a product, but others may not. There can be several such scenarios in terms of product management that Pimcore platform addresses.”

The integration of Magento product information management process with ecommerce operations serves as a catalyst for personalized customer experiences and streamlined product data management.

By leveraging the robust capabilities of Magento Commerce 2's ecommerce platform alongside the sophisticated features of a PIM solution like Pimcore, businesses can effectively centralize, enrich, and disseminate product data across multiple channels.

Why Should You Consider Pimcore-Magento2 Integration?

Before diving deep into Pimcore’s salient features , let’s quickly look at how Pimcore-Magento 2 integration can benefit your ecommerce business:

a. Maximized Command Over Product Data: The amalgamation of Magento's product information management capabilities with Pimcore's comprehensive data management solutions empowers ecommerce brands with unparalleled control over their product data.

b. Create Compelling Customer Journeys: By leveraging Pimcore’s PIM, DAM and CMS modules alongside Magento ecommerce prowess, businesses can create a unified platform for orchestrating contextual product experiences for customers across various touchpoints. By delivering consistent, personalized, and immersive experiences, brands can foster deeper customer engagement, cultivate brand loyalty, and drive repeat purchases.

c. Faster & Efficient Operations: The Pimcore-Magento integration, with both the platforms operating on LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) architecture, ensures a more compatible, seamless integration and collaboration between process and teams. Additionally, This translates to reduced development times, enhanced operational efficiency.

d. Hassle-free Centralized Product Management : With Pimcore, centralization of the digital assets leads to more accurate and efficient product information to the customers. When a new store is added, there is swifter re-indexing of data, in comparison to Magento alone. Creating and managing the product attributes is easy with Pimcore, as one gets all the required options in one place.

How Pimcore Accelerates Magento Product Information Management Efforts

At the core of Product Information Management (PIM), there is a master data management system. It can manage a huge amount of digital data of different types.

The Pimcore platform’s structured and object-oriented approach towards product data management makes it ideal choice when you are looking to enhance your Magento site’s product information management capabilities. And this is why ecommerce experts suggest Pimcore-Magento 2 integration to centralize the storage and management of all your product information and digit assets.

The master data manager enables one to control a wide range of data, including information about customers, products and vendors.

Let’s look at some of the significant features and modules of Pimcore that helps accelerate your Magento site’s product information management operations:

Flexible Data Modelling: Pimcore platform offers highly flexible data modelling. Using a web-based engine for data modelling, a product data model can be created in a few clicks. It supports more than 40 data types to let you handle any kind of products or any master data with several attributes. It is also designed to support multiple languages, enabling you to target customers across the globe.


Image: Pimcore demo dashboard showcasing product data categorisation

Structured Data Management: Managing the data within Pimcore platform becomes structured with the use of objects. All data in PIMCORE is defined using objects only. Whether it is products, persons, orders, or categories, objects are created for them.

Also, the use of objects makes it possible to keep all aspects of data records like attributes, hierarchy, descriptions and versioning in the data editing interface itself. This feature gives PIMCORE platform an edge in terms of data management.

On the contrary, in Magento Ecommerce platform, one needs to work with fixed and pre-defined objects, i.e., one cannot create objects for the data to be stored.

In a nutshell, through Pimcore-Magento 2 integration, you can benefit from extended flexibility to the Magento ecommerce store.

It helps ecommerce businesses to leverage this flexibility to deliver seamless and personalized customer experiences.

Centralized Digital Asset Management (DAM): One of the best use cases of Pimcore is that it enbales centralized management of digital assets like images, documents and videos is facilitated all through a unified interface.

Companies are sometimes wary of giving out their data to third-party CDN services. For them, Pimcore comes as the ideal alternative as they can have their privately hosted DAM platform.

Ecommerce websites often face issues managing their scattered data siloes.

With DAM, this problem can be taken care of efficiently. All digital assets are consolidated in one central database which allows round-the-clock accessibility and efficient retrieval of data.

Workflow Management Engine: Managing the business processes in a multi-channel Ecommerce setup can be tricky at times. There can be multiple factors to be handled in a complex workflow scenario.

To help one get through these issues, PIMCORE has a robust workflow management engine. It works around concepts such as states, action, notifications and transitions to help one create complex workflows with ease.

The PIMCORE workflow management engine also supports some pre-defined steps to manage the quality of the data (images, PDFs, video, objects, documents etc.)

Data Integration and Delivery Simplified: The sources for internal data are plenty. Data from ERPs, third-party entities, hard drives etc. need to be aggregated and brought onto one platform for easy accessibility. PIMCORE’s import and export feature makes it easy for the users

The system renders flexibility in managing one’s master data management (MDM) needs. It is also compatible to any style you choose for MDM implementation, whether it is Registry, consolidation, centralized or coexistence style.


Incorporating Pimcore into the Magento ecosystem elevates the capabilities of ecommerce businesses, offering unparalleled flexibility, structured data management, centralized DAM, and sophisticated workflow management.

With Magento powering over 1.2% of websites globally, the potential to address product information challenges faced by online merchants is immense.

By seamlessly integrating these powerful tools, businesses can deliver personalized customer experiences and navigate the challenges of modern ecommerce with ease.

Embitel is a leading Magento Solution delivery partner with a diverse global client base across industries. Since we are also an accomplished PIMCORE Silver solution partner, we have the expertise to take your ecommerce game to a whole new level!

Drop us a line( sales@embitel.com) to discover how you can transform your ecommerce operations through Pimcore-Magento2 integration!

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