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Embitel Newsletter, Q1-2015: Launch of US Operations and IoT Demo:

At Embitel Technologies, we work to emulate this timeless quote by Henry Ford by achieving mutual success with our customers and partners.

Embitel’s beginning, ignited in 2006 and fuelled by passion and zeal for embedded technology, has progressed and broughtsuccess to our clients, partners and employees

And for this new beginning in 2015, we wish you, your family, and friends success, great health and lots of happiness!

Speaking of new beginnings, Embitel has taken some important steps to provide better service and support to customers. Following are some of the significant updates:

With a growing and diversified US client base drawing on all Embitel service lines, we are pleased to announce expansion of operations in the US market. Our US team will collaborate with clients for solving business challenges in an efficient and cost effective manner. The US team will also liaison with off-shore team for project management and delivery.Our US office is located in Southfield, Michigan

Embitel Family’s Namaste to our newest member:

With immense pleasure and happiness, we are proud to announce that Lyle Shuey is now part of the Embitel Family. Lyle will be leading our US Operations as Vice President, Product Engineering Services. His experience in transportation, energy, telecommunications, personal mobility, medical devices, and government and military domains will greatly enhance Embitel’s ability to deliver higher impact solutions to our customers.

‘Transforming technology concepts into business reality for a better tomorrow ’ = Embitel’s Innovation DNA.Firmly aligned to this spirit, Embitel’s Competency Lab, which is our in-house R&D department, has designed and developed a Proof of Concept (POC) of Smart Home Automation to demonstrate IoT in action.

Connect with us to Schedule IoT Demo:

Embitel’s Mobility and IoT service offerings:

  • Design and development of IoT gateways
  • Enablement of short-range and wide-range sensor networks
  • Integration of Cloud based services

Mobility expertise: Design & development of end-user Apps and App-store for smart-phones, infotainment systems. Experience in Android, iOS operating systems, Xamarin and QT framework for native and cross-platform based HMI.

At CES 2015, ‘Mobility in Automobiles’ and ‘Connected Car’ of the future took the centre stage.

Electronics Maker Magazine spoke to Aneesh (Head – Automotive BU at Embitel) and Zach (Head – Competency Lab and Mobility at Embitel) to understand how innovations in Automotive Electronics are fuelling Innovations of the future Connected Cars.

You can read the complete conversation here – http://goo.gl/Iyv2wx


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