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Webinar: Making ‘Functional Safety’ a Part of Your Organization DNA

Webinar: Making ‘Functional Safety’ a Part of Your Organization DNA

Need for Functional Safety in Automotive

Despite the fact that the technology advancements have been happening at light-speed in Automotive Industry. And “the safety” of the end-users has always been the highest priority for the entire automotive ecosystem.

Why we still find the Global Automotive Recalls making the headlines?

This webinar is an attempt to unravel all the answers through the lens of “ISO 26262 Functional Safety Standard”.

Webinar Agenda

  1. A sneak-peek into some of the faults that caused major global automotive recalls
  2. What we learn from these recalls?
  3. ISO 26262 implementation framework: Quality Management, Safety Management, Functional and Technical Safety Management
  4. ISO 26262 adoption challenges for OEMs' and Suppliers

Your webinar hosts

Poornima Jha

Subject Matter Expert
Embitel Technologies

SivaKumar J

ISO 26262 Consultant
Embitel Technologies

On-demand Webinar

Release Date: Tuesday, June 5th, 2018

Duration: 23 mins

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