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Why is ASIL determination indispensable for an ISO 26262 Project?

Why is ASIL determination indispensable for an ISO 26262 Project?

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Automotive Safety & Integrity Level (ASIL) is the key reference point that guides an ISO 26262 compliant project. The ASIL value determines the testing methods to be used, tools to be deployed, software development approaches and almost every activity related to the project.

However, at times, ASIL is not given its due importance and is assumed based on various factors. In this webinar, our functional safety expert, Poornima Jha will discuss the implications of assuming ASIL. She will also throw light on scenarios where assuming ASIL is accepted.

SOME/IP is the perfect partner to automotive ethernet, a major driver of zonal computing. With benefits of service-oriented architecture, SOME/IP becomes all the more suitable for catering the modern automotive solutions.

This webinar is an attempt to unravel the perils of assuming ASIL instead of determining it by performing all the activity listed in concept phase.

Key Takeaways from the ISO 26262 Requirement Mapping Webinar

  1. The Three Pillars of ASIL
  2. Assumption of ASIL- Is it acceptable?
  3. Issues arising from assumption of ASIL and Safety Goals
  4. Best Practice for ASIL determination

“The webinar takes up one of the most fundamental aspects of ISO 26262 compliant software development- ASIL Determination”

We heartily welcome you to tune into this recorded session of the ISO 26262 webinar. This session aims to prove a value-add for your Automotive Functional Safety (FuSa) journey.

Webinar Host:

Poornima Jha

Functional Safety Manager,
Embitel Technologies

On-demand Webinar

Release Date: Friday, January 21st, 2022

Duration: 10 mins 23 seconds

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