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Why SOME/IP is at the Forefront of Future Automotive On-board Networks

[Webinar Part-2] Why SOME/IP is at the Forefront of Future Automotive On-board Networks

What makes SOME/IP such a special middleware solution to enable advanced automotive solutions such as ADAS, Connected vehicles and Electric vehicle technology? Higher speed, and bandwidth are some of the usual answers that you get. Our SOME/IP expert delve a little deeper to find out how SOME/IP is driving the upcoming network architectures such as zonal computing.

In part-1 of the webinar, we focussed on the upcoming trends in automotive solutions and on-board network and how SOME/IP fits into the scheme of things. With the 2nd part, we take the discussion further to features and advantages of SOME/IP.

SOME/IP is the perfect partner to automotive ethernet, a major driver of zonal computing. With benefits of service-oriented architecture, SOME/IP becomes all the more suitable for catering the modern automotive solutions.

What’s in store for you in this SOME/IP webinar?

  1. Why SOME/IP?
  2. How SOME/IP supports higher number of ECUs without increasing latency?
  3. How SOME/IP
  4. Benefits of service-oriented architecture

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Tutorial Host and Mentor

Ajish Alfred

Technical Lead (Vehicle On-board Networks)
Embitel Technologies

On-demand Webinar

Release Date: Wednesday, April 21st, 2021

Duration: 27 mins

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