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Model Based Development Tutorial: How to Create Models using MATLAB/SIMULINK

Model Based Development Tutorial: How to Create Models using MATLAB/SIMULINK

Why your Automotive Teams should migrate to Model Based Development (MBD)

Coding 20 mn+ lines of Source Code, collectively across the cross-functional Automotive Teams, is an uphill task.

Challenges related to Code Quality, Development Costs, Delivering Complex Projects as per customer’s expectations, can become your team’s Achilles Heel!

During these challenging times, Model Based Development (MBD) can help you to turn things around for good!

Model Based Development approach can help reduce coding errors by 50% and development time by 30%, as compared to manual coding

About the Model Based Development Tutorial:

Our MBD Tutorial will introduce you to the two arms of the V-Cycle
• Virtual Environment Arm
• Real-time Environment Arm

Your MBD Mentor will also discuss in detail about the Model Development Process.

There is a bonus content too! We will have a Hands-on Practical demo on Model Development.

Tutorial Lesson Plan:

  1. A Brief understanding of MBD approach
  2. Advantages of Model Based Development over manual coding
  3. MBD process flowchart
  4. Understanding the V-cycle
  5. Hands-on demo of model creation using MATLAB/SIMULINK

Tutorial Host and Mentor:

Sameer Kumthekar

Project Manager and Subject Matter Expert (MBD),
Embitel Technologies

On-demand Tutorial

Release Date: Friday, August 2nd, 2019

Duration: 30 mins

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