in-vehicle infotainment - Multi-platform GUI solution

In-Vehicle Infotainment – Multi-Platform GUI Solution Webinar

The principal objective of this webinar is to elaborate on the creation and use of a customizable, multi-platform GUI solution for In-Vehicle Infotainment [IVI], which can interact with a middleware and render data which arrives over a CAN network, and also obtain data using Web services.

The webinar also showcases Embitel’s re-usable widgets running on Windows, Linux, MeeGo and Android; and also focuses on Intel’s IVI-specific hardware platform.

Main Takeaways:
  • A reusable, open-source platform that can be customized based on OEM requirements
  • Created primarily to support CAN-based network used in Automotive
  • Can be tailored to suit multiple domains and requirements
  • Designer enables customization without making code changes
  • Short time-to-market
Speaker: Mr. Zachariah Ninan
  • Project Manager, Embitel Technologies
  • Industry expert with more than 10+ years of experience in Embedded product design

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