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What Makes ALM (Adobe Learning Manager) One the Most Popular LMS (Learning Management System) Platform in the Market?

E-learning is the solution that enterprises, stake holders, customers and everyone in general were searching for to upgrade their skills consistently. LMSs (Learning Management System) is getting revamped frequently with growing requirements of customers. Amongst so many LMS out there in the market, it can be confusing to choose the best one easily.

We present you a detailed blog on Adobe Learning Manager (ALM) with its incredible features and what makes it stand out amidst competition. Read on.

ALM (Adobe Learning Manager) was previously called Captivate Prime. ALM is an all-inclusive e-learning platform that is easily accessible to learners from anywhere at their convenient time.

ALM platform lets you learn new skills, finish courses, track progress and get badges or rewards efficiently.

Let us look the ALM properties in detail below.

Adobe Learning Manager Features

  1. Integrated Learning
  2. Learning content is made easily available to customers online and offline. Content delivered is seamless and immersive.

    • Powerful fluidic player
    • Fluidic player is one of the prominent features of ALM (Adobe Learning Manager). Fluidic player offers unified platform for continuous content consumption and learning experiences to the customers. There is no need to install any other extensions or add-ons. The platform has it all in-built.

    • Headless LMS
    • ALM comes with LMS (Learning Management System) to understand and manage content. ALM helps in easy integration of modules that can be used to create personalised courses, learning schedule and curriculum.

      ALM in conjunction with AEM (Adobe Experience Manager) keeps the content updated automatically. The prime account of customers manages version control, course allocation, visibility, tracking and usage. This report is updated for admins as well.

    • Hybrid classroom
    • Flexibility to learn at the comfort of customers via their preferred mode of learning. It could be online or offline, bird’s eye view of upcoming sessions, choice of language, format, with tutor or self-learning and course schedule.

  3. Personalisation of learning experiences
  4. Learning experiences are personalised with the help of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) for every user. Experiences are immersive and specific to customers based on their preferences.

    • AI- generated Suggestions
    • Learning programmes are recommended based on AI engine depending on customer traits and their journey with the brand.

    • Training Widgets
    • There is admin- recommended and peer-recommended training widgets to help customers in course selection.

    • Customised home page
    • Learner home page can be personalised through Drag-and-drop widgets. Home page gives a comprehensive view of user’s course name, date of completion, pending courses, badges earned, and other milestones achieved.

  5. Seamless interaction and engagement
  6. Immersive gamification tools and understandable notification options is available for user’s benefit to upgrade their skills frequently.

    • Gamification
    • Make it an interesting learning experience to customers by giving rewards, points, badges and certifications.

    • Social Learning
    • Peer-to-peer learning on relevant topics with the help of AI and ML will create awareness about the course and discussion on the modules.

    • Push Notifications
    • Update your customers with learning milestones, targeted emails, notify them about new courses and announcements. Maintain the session details via calendar widget.

    • Certifications
    • Give certifications to learners based on the success merit of the programmes. Designate new programmes and certifications when they expire.

  7. Easy integration and administration
  8. Consolidated multiple programmes learning options gives simple and consistent customer experiences.

    • Customer Management
    • It is easy to manage existing and new users through split view. Customer are divided in groups based on their courses, schedule, and attributes.

    • Easy LMS migration
    • Migration from your current LMS users, data and content to Adobe Learning Manager happens smoothly without any downtime for learners.

    • Integrations
    • Effortless integration of courses with Adobe Commerce Integrations. Customers can opt for third-party content providers for learning programmes. Video and web conferencing integration is done through API-based connectors.

  9. Efficient learning management
  10. Learning programmes are personalised for newly onboarded customers and existing customers based on their requirements.

    • Capabilities Model
    • Empowers customers to upskill themselves, tracking development and performance is made easy. Training programs are in co-ordination with business objectives.

    • Learning schedule
    • Learning programmes are auto assigned to customers based on their previous activities. Various departments and teams have authority to have their own LMS that is customised.

    • LCMS (Learning Content Management System) functionality
    • LCMS helps to manage branding, reports and insights. Modules to personalise courses, curriculum is made simpler.

  11. Analytics and insights
  12. You can get clear understanding of team’s progress and compliance within the enterprise.

    • Performance reports
    • Learnings of all team members can be tracked by managers with the performance reports available on the single platform. Managers can assess the feedback reports.

    • Compliance Panel
    • Comprehensive review of enterprise performance can be seen against the deadlines. It helps to manage course completion and make you audit ready.

    • Platform Analytics
    • With the help of various metrics, parameters, and tools you can track the analytics of course taken, completion, success rate and skill updated.

    • Learner Transcripts
    • Reports and documentation are made available by managers and admins for learners to maintain their progress consistently.

Today is the right time to invest in Adobe Learning Manager (ALM). This platform is a great ROI for organizations, and you can reap the benefits for years to come. Our proficient team is here to help you out with everything from initiation, discussion and support needed post implementation. Reach out to us for free demo at sales@embitel.com


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