AUTOSAR MCAL (Microcontroller Abstraction Layer), BSW and RTE integration

Business Challenge:

Our customer, a Germany based Automotive Supplier, was in search of a trusted embedded software development partner.

After diligent research and analysis, our customer had decided to pursue this project of porting the existing Battery Monitoring ECU (Electronic Control Unit) ECU software on a new microcontroller platform.

And, they also wanted to collaborate for the migration of legacy ECU software to AUTOSAR layered architecture.

AUTOSAR Migration would enable the Automotive Supplier to leverage following benefits of well-defined layered software architecture of AUTOSAR 4.0:

  • With plug and play architecture of AUTOSAR, the future enhancements and advanced ECU feature development will be independent of the underlying hardware platform, AUTOSAR BSW, RTE and AUTOSAR MCAL layers.
  • Since AUTOSAR 4.0 facilitates the shift in ECU design approach from coding to configuration. Customers can pursue ECU feature enhancements through AUTOSAR Application layer development.
  • AUTOSAR 4.0 also provides flexibility to customers in migrating to new hardware platforms by re-using the AUTOSAR complaint software components.
  • Similarly, the existing AUTOSAR software components can be easily integrated with completely different line of products designed on different hardware platforms.

The legacy software challenge:

Our customer had concluded to retain some specific software components and algorithms of the legacy software of the ECU.

This decision was arrived at considering the fact that these specific components have had stood the test of time throughout the lifetime of the Battery Monitoring ECU product line and were still very relevant and well-defined.

This increased the complexity of the software development project as the architecture needed to support both AUTOSAR complaint and Non-AUTOSAR complaint software components.

Partnership for AUTOSAR Software development project:

The Germany based Automotive Supplier decided to partner with Embitel Technologies, Bangalore, India since we have a dedicated and experienced team of AUTOSAR software developers. Our following expertise and project experience was very critical for the success of this AUTOSAR project:

  • Expertise in AUTOSAR MCAL (Microcontroller Abstraction Layer) development.
  • Expertise in AUTOSAR configurator tools like COMASSO, Vector Da-Vince Configurator and Developer, ECU Spectrum and KSAR tools.

Embitel Solution:

This successful AUTOSAR software development partnership kick started with series of technology and business workshops.

Our team of automotive domain experts, AUTOSAR software developers and project managers participated in workshops to understand the Battery Monitoring ECU product line, the legacy software architecture, various software modules and the hardware platforms.

Our automotive AUTOSAR development team collaborated to deliver the following comprehensive solution:

  • Re-designing of the existing software architecture of the Battery Monitoring ECU for seamless integration with the AUTOSAR layered architecture and also support the Non-AUTOSAR complaint software modules.
  • Design and development of AUTOSAR MCAL components for migration to the new hardware platform.
  • Support for customized configuration and code generation using COMASSO tool.
  • Complex device drivers were developed to support the Non-AUTOSAR complaints software modules.
  • Integration of AUTOSAR BSW, AUTOSAR RTE and MCAL.
  • AUTOSAR testing services: Individual module testing for MCAL layer, integration testing and unit testing.
  • CANoe (a Vector tool) was used for module testing of AUTOSAR MCAL.

Embitel Impact:

  • This challenging AUTOSAR migration project was delivered within the desired time-lines and costs. This ensured reduce time-to-market and development costs for the Automotive Supplier.
  • AUTOSAR complaint ECUs’ has become a necessary requirement for majority of the Automotive OEMs’. Hence, the success of this project had a long-term positive impact on the various business engagements of our customer.


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