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AUTOSAR Compliant ECU Software Development

Business case brief:

  • ECU controls Camera position located at front and rear, thus controls front and rear view of the car AUTOSAR compliant ECU software developed with model based tool chain.

Business case details:

  • Software architecture created using DaVinci Developer tool.
  • Each software component modeled in TargetLink 3.1.
  • Automated production code generated from TargetLink 3.1.
  • Geny tool used for configuration of basic software (platform dependent).
  • ECU Diagnostic over Autosar CAN transport protocol as per UDS protocol.
  • Application software tested using MIL and SIL test method.
  • Functional Test vectors created using Signal generator.
  • MATLAB V&V tool box used for functional and structural testing of application software.

Tools & technology:

  • MATLAB / Simulink / TargetLink.
  • DaVinci Developer.
  • Geny.
  • MATLAB Verification & Validation.

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