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Development of Air Quality Monitoring Software Module for an Automotive Tier-1

About the Customer:

Our customer is an automotive tier-1 and a leading player in the development of automotive solutions related to the environment and flow sensing. These solutions offer safety from poisonous pollutant gases and particulate matter found in abundance inside a vehicle cabin.

Business Challenges:

Air quality monitoring system is predominantly based on sensor technology. The sensor detects harmful gases such as VOCs, hydrogen sulfide, CO etc. Integration of such sensors in an automotive HVAC system requires automotive embedded expertise and skills.

The intended air quality monitoring software presented the following challenges:

  • Time, cost, and expertise required for development of an algorithm to calculate gas-specific air quality levels and total air quality index.
  • ASPICE team was required for ASPICE L2 compliant software development.

Embitel came on-board the project to fill this gap by providing its decade long experience of developing cutting-edge automotive solutions. With proven expertise in the development of ASPICE compliant software, we were able to mitigate the business challenge faced by our customer.

Embitel’s Solution:

As one of the early adopters of ASPICE compliance, our automotive team had a solution for every ASPICE L2 related requirement.

Once the requirements were clearly elicited, our APSICE process team and automotive embedded team joined forces to accomplish the project.

Our task was to develop an air quality monitoring module that provides:

  • Estimation for concentrations of the most relevant gases
  • Gas-specific air-quality levels and a total air quality index

Based on these values, the HVAC system in the vehicle decides the actual ventilation control to keep open or close. This software has been designed to be used across different platforms, and any changes needed will be minimal.

Software Architecture of Air Quality Monitoring Software Module

Final deliverables provided to the customer were:

  • ASPICE L2 compliant air quality monitoring software in a non-AUTOSAR based architecture
  • Low level Driver development for Armcore-M0 based ASIC chip which includes LIN Driver, I2C Driver in Master & Slave mode etc.
  • Software Layered Architecture and Modular Design
  • Hardware independent Middle layer components like HAL, COM and Service Layer
  • Reports for LIN Conformance Test against LIN Specification v2.1
  • Algorithm for Air Quality Index calculation & Heater Regulation (PI Algorithm)

Embitel’s Impact

We were able to reuse various components such as platform software, LIN driver etc. with minimal modification. This helped us cut cost and reduce the time-to-market.

Through our hands-on expertise in ASPICE process, our team could deliver end-to-end software development.

Tools and Techniques:

  • Armcore-M0 based ASIC chip
  • Code Beamer (requirements management)
  • KeiluVision IDE
  • CANoE
  • Polyspace and Tessy(Unit Test)

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