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[Vlog] A Beginner’s Guide to the Embedded RTOS Programming and Kernel Porting

Real-Time responsiveness, Pre-emption, Determinism: These are some key features that make RTOS( Real-Time Operating System) an ideal choice for time-critical Applications like Solar Trackers, Telematics, Body Control Module (BCM). Watch this vlog to get more interesting insights about RTOS.

Oct 04 2019

What Makes RTOS an Ideal Choice for the Next Generation Embedded Applications?

Industrial Automation systems to connected cars- the new-generation embedded applications are driven by real-time data & rapid responsiveness! This has led the embedded industry to embrace Real Time Operating System (RTOS) to deliver accurate and on-time task execution! Let us dig deeper into the world of embedded RTOS programming and kernel porting.

Oct 03 2019

How is Software Verification Performed As Per the ISO 26262 Standard

Developing a safety critical software requires a little more than just software testing and verification. ISO 26262 recommends some stringent methods for the software verification process. Our FuSa consultants explain you this process and share some useful insights.

Sep 30 2019

What is ODX (ISO 22901) and How it Facilitates Standardization in Vehicle Diagnostics

Manual Configuration of UDS protocol (ISO 14229) is a time-consuming process and can be prone to human errors. With Open Diagnostics eXchange (ODX), tools like CANdela automate and standardize the entire process. Curious to know more? Watch our video to find out how ODX achieves this automation.

Sep 27 2019

What is Open Diagnostics eXchange (ODX) and How It Enables Standardization in UDS Based Vehicle Diagnostics

Faster and more accurate Implementation of UDS (ISO 14229) needs standardization and automation of the process. How ODX (ISO 22901) format helps achieve this? Let’s find out.

Sep 20 2019

How IoT Technology Stack Enables Efficient ‘Tracking & Harvesting’, in a Solar Energy Harvesting Solution

Presenting you a Two-part Vlog series which focuses on the technology that enables the operations of an IoT-Powered Solar Energy Harvesting System. In Part-1, we talk about the IoT Stack that facilitates the “Tracking and Harvesting ” of the solar energy.

Sep 20 2019

[Vlog] Model Based Development Tutorial: How to Develop Models Using MATLAB-SIMULINK Tool

Watch our latest vlog on Model Based Development (MBD) in Automotive. This video explains the process of model generation using the MATLAB-SIMULINK tool.

Sep 12 2019

How vTest Studio and CANoe Tools Empower the Automation of ECU (Electronic Control Unit) Testing

Can you imagine manually testing the 20 million lines of source code, during product development of an automotive control unit? Not feasible, right? Thanks to automation tools like vTest Studio and CANoe, functional testing of automotive ECUs can now be completed in matter of few hours. Read the blog to know more about these tools

Aug 30 2019

How MCAL Driver Helps Achieve Hardware Abstraction in AUTOSAR Compliant Software

AUTOSAR MCAL drivers need to be configured for specific automotive applications. So how is this configuration performed? What tools are needed for this? We have tried to answer these questions in our latest AUTOSAR MCAL video. Watch it now

Aug 30 2019

[Vlog] How Does a Predictive Maintenance (PdM) Solution Work?

The advent of IoT-Powered Predictive Maintenance (PdM) solutions have transformed the entire Industrial Asset management scenario! Watch this IoT video to find out how PdM is enhancing equipment reliability and helping business avoid costly repairs.

Aug 27 2019



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