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AUTOSAR ComStack – Understanding the Communication Services Modules in AUTOSAR Architecture

ECU communication is a significant aspect of the AUTOSAR architecture. The data exchange between various communication modules can be accomplished through an AUTOSAR Communication Stack. Our latest video explains how the Generic AUTOSAR ComStack works. It also provides an overview of the CAN Communication Stack.

Dec 03 2019

ASIL vs MSIL: Why a Separate ISO 26262-12:2018 Standard has been Introduced for Two-Wheelers?

When ISO 26262 standard was launched in 2011, it was meant for vehicles with four wheels or more (up to 3500 kg). Although not mentioned explicitly, the standard was not applicable to two-wheelers. “Why were motorcycles excluded from the standard?” you may ask. Well, the specific answer to that question will be best known to

Dec 02 2019

The 2020 Internet of Things (IoT) Trends That will Disrupt Industry 4.0

Manufacturing companies have now started understanding the impact of leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) to streamline their processes and improve efficiency. This was expected, as technologists have been promoting IoT benefits in manufacturing for years.
So, what are the biggest IoT trends that are all set to disrupt Industry 4.0 in 2020? Let’s find out

Nov 28 2019

[Vlog] Demo of Our Motor Control System for BLDC/PMSM Motors in Electric Two-Wheelers, E-Autos or Electric Cars

An electric vehicle motor controller is an ECU setup that controls the operations of the motor to deliver accurate and precise output. Watch our latest demo, in which our EV Consultants showcase a Motor Control System that can efficiently drive Brushless DC (BLDC) motors and PMSM applications. The FOC Algorithm used in a BLDC motor controller eliminates all speed errors, as demonstrated using MATLAB Models! Check it out here.

Nov 22 2019

[Vlog] How Embitel is Leveraging Machine Learning to Track Driver Behaviour and Anticipate Road Conditions

Did you know an App could learn from your driving patterns & give a score for your driving? Add to this the ability of this ML solution to analyse the road conditions and share proactive alerts. In this demo, we present to you our Driver Behaviour Tracking app, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Wonder! Watch the demo..

Nov 14 2019

A Hands-on Demo Video: How to perform Functional Testing of HVAC, Mirror Control and Seat Control ECU

HIL Testing of an Automotive ECU is an integral part of the product development process. It requires expertise in Testing Tools and understanding of the product features. In this demo, we provide a hands-on experience of the functional testing (HIL Testing) of a Seat ECU, a Mirror Control and an HVAC system .

Nov 12 2019

Hardware Components Skyrocketing the BOM Cost of Your Motor Controllers? Then Software is your ‘Friend-in-Need’!

Motor Control System is among the many automotive systems that are going the software way! So how does a software accomplish the function of a hardware. Read the blog for such interesting pro-tips!

Nov 06 2019

[Vlog] Introducing Check C Framework: The Power-Packed Tool for Unit Testing of Automotive Software

Check C Framework stands out as one of the most reliable Unit Testing Tools. Not only, it is an open-source tool, but Check C framework also provides simple interfaces for execution of test-cases and multiple test methods. To know more, check out our new video on Check C Framework..

Oct 23 2019

How to Leverage Model Based Development for Delivering AUTOSAR Software Components

Why use Model Based Development for developing AUTOSAR compliant software? We say why not? There are well-defined workflows, support from SIMULINK and Da Vinci Developer tools and a whole lot of value-adds! We cover all this and more in our latest blog. Read on..

Oct 18 2019

[Vlog] A Beginner’s Guide to the Embedded RTOS Programming and Kernel Porting

Real-Time responsiveness, Pre-emption, Determinism: These are some key features that make RTOS( Real-Time Operating System) an ideal choice for time-critical Applications like Solar Trackers, Telematics, Body Control Module (BCM). Watch this vlog to get more interesting insights about RTOS.

Oct 04 2019



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