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[Video Blog] How Does a Vehicle Telematics Solution Work?

By 2025, there would be 116million connected cars on the US roads! Each of these connected cars will upload 25 gigabytes of telematics data/hour to Cloud backend. Evidently, vehicle telematics will play a huge role in shaping the future of automotive industry. So, what is the technology architecture that powers a vehicle telematics solution? Find out here.

Mar 21 2019

What is CAN Protocol Stack? And Why it is a Critical Software Solution for ECU Communication?

The impact of Electronic Systems on automotive industry has paved way for some path-breaking innovations like Infotainment, ADAS, Head-up Display, Vehicle Telematics and more. But do you know what is the lifeline of inter-ECU (control units) communication within the In-Vehicle Network? This blog has some answers.

Mar 20 2019

A Million Dollar Question – Should I Build or Buy the SCADA Solution, for an Enterprise Industrial Automation Project?

Should I invest in an off-the-shelf or custom developed SCADA solution? :
Every enterprise planning to leverage IoT powered SCADA for industrial automation has faced this dilemma! Here is a blog that offers a simple framework to help you resolve the build v/s buy dilemma

Mar 05 2019

Made in China 2025: Is China Driving the Global Electric Vehicle Market? A Detailed Insight

If you thought Tesla is the only major player in this global Electric Vehicle Game, you are in for a surprise. China alone has close to 500 Electric Vehicle startups backed by the government and investors. We bring to you more such insights from the Chinese Electric Vehicle industry. Read on..

Feb 19 2019

[Video] Meet Motor Control System: The Brain Behind the Automotive Motors

In the first video (All About Motors), you had a tryst with the Electric Motors deployed in Automobiles. Now we present to you the electronic system that controls it! The video covers the need for such Motor Controllers, how a Motor Control System works and its application in the automotive industry.

Jan 30 2019

[Video] Why Proof-of-Concept is Critical for your IoT Success

What would you do when you face unanticipated challenges or errors during the course of IoT project development?– errors that can stall the project! An IoT PoC can help you prevent these scenarios and prepare you to overcome these challenges. Curious to know more? Watch this video.

Jan 25 2019

[Video] All About Motors: The Power & Motion Delivery System for Automotive Applications

From power windows to electronic power steering, there are hundreds of Brushless DC motors and AC induction motors at play in an automobile. Join us to travel back in time and trace the evolution of Electric Motors and their applications in Automotive Industry.

Jan 21 2019

[Video] The Motorcycle Diaries of a Digitally Connected Era

Your humble two-wheeler is soon going to get a major technology uplift ! The future belongs to the digitally connected two-wheelers. All thanks to innovations in IoT , Telematics, and Embedded System Technology. Watch this video to get a deeper insight into the technology behind connected two-wheelers.

Jan 17 2019

Cloud, Edge or Hybrid IoT Solutions: Which Computing Model is Best Suited for your IoT Application?

What computing model is the driving force behind your IoT Gateway Device and Data Analysis? Is it Cloud, Edge or Hybrid computing solution? Our IoT consultants shed some light on the computing technology, data analysis methods and best suited business use cases.

Jan 15 2019

What are the Important Security Aspects of DoIP based In-Vehicle Network and Related Best Practices

DoIP communicates via Internet Protocol (IP) and therefore, can be vulnerable to the security issues related to the network and communication environments. How can engineers mitigate the risks? What are the security best practices. The blog has the answers.

Dec 27 2018




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