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Vlog: IoT Product Design & Development Mistakes, that an Embedded System Developer Should Avoid

Our IoT Product Design, Development and Testing teams have some insights for you! They share a list of must-avoid design mistakes for the successful implementation of an Internet of Things (IoT) Project. From being aware about the necessary product certifications to considering operating environment during IoT Product Design, there is a lot to learn in this vlog.

Jul 17 2019

What are the Infotainment Testing Success Mantras that your Automotive Embedded Systems Development Team Should Ace?

What does it take to achieve 100% coverage during testing of the Infotainment Solution? Let’s learn from the experts and find out some interesting insights about role of testing in success delivery of your In-Vehicle Infotainment projects.

Jul 16 2019

Learn All About CAN BUS Protocol Stack: An Invisible Hero, Omnipresent in Your Automobile!

Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) introduced CAN Bus Protocol, in order to cater to the need for faster in-vehicle communication. Watch this video on Controller Area Network (CAN) to learn some new insights regarding this invisible superhero. Let’s find out how CAN BUS powers advanced automotive applications like Seating Control, HVAC and more.

Jul 15 2019

What are the Hardware Modules that Power a Car Heads-up Display (HUD) System?

An Automotive Head-up Display (HUD) system is one of the critical components of a Digital Cockpit Solution. What role does a car HUD play in delivering Connected Car Experience to today’s customers? What are the fundamental hardware modules of a Car HUD system? Find about all this in this vlog.

Jul 11 2019

[Vlog] Understanding Vehicle Diagnostics: On-Board vs Off-Board Diagnostics

An automotive system can’t afford to go wrong, as it can risk the lives of passengers! Hence, a 2-tier Vehicle diagnostics system has been designed. In this video, learn more about how vehicle diagnostics works and what is the need for off-board diagnostics and OBD?

Jun 26 2019

How SAE J1939 Protocol Powers -Vehicle Communication & Diagnostics in Commercial Vehicles

Commercial vehicles like trucks and buses can’t be integrated with OBD, UDS and CAN protocols, due to more complex in-vehicle networks as compared to passenger cars. Hence SAE J1939, a specialised in-vehicle communication and vehicle diagnostics protocol, has been specially designed for Passenger Vehicles. Let’s learn about J1939 Software Stack and its key characteristics in our latest video.

Jun 21 2019

[Vlog] How to DRIFT your Android OS Porting Projects!

In order to ensure that your Android Porting initiatives are completed successfully, there are certain best practices that need to be followed by your embedded product development team. Learn about them in this vlog. We talk about Bootloader design, Memory footprint, Hardware platform selection & many more.

Jun 14 2019

Infotainment v/s Instrument Cluster: Why a Digital Instrument Cluster is an Ideal Low-Cost Solution for Electric Scooters

A micro-controller based Instrument Cluster is a low-cost alternative to the Application Processor based Infotainment System. We understand why this alternative is important for Electric Scooter OEMs’ and further trace down the key difference between the features offered by Infotainment System v/s Instrument Cluster.

Jun 11 2019

[Vlog] Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment (HARA): A Friend In-deed of your ISO 26262 Functional Safety Journey

When is HARA performed, in the ISO 26262 based, Functional Safety Lifecycle? What are the outputs of the HARA Process? What makes HARA so important and how does it affect subsequent safety activities? Do these questions bother you as an automotive engineer? Our video has the answers. Go watch!

Jun 04 2019

Have You Met Android Treble: An Introduction and Analysis of its Benefits for the Automotive Industry

With no intentions of starting a ‘War of Words’ between the fans of the two most popular Operating Systems, we have one simple question for our  community of Software Developers. [Hint – think software and answer this!] What’s that one big difference you find, while using an iOS based device vs Android  device? Did someone

Jun 03 2019




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