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Autosar Configuration Architect


Location: Whitefield, Bangalore

Experience:14+ Years

Primary Skills: Must have

  • Classic Autosar Expert
  • Expert on Git/Bitbucket usage
  • Ability to develop architecture diagrams and review UML Diagrams
  • Expert on software branching and merging strategies
  • Ability to flash software into hardware and perform various unit/integration/functional tests
  • Expert knowledge of software development tools and editors
  • Good scripting skills
  • Expert on continuous integration process and JENKINS
  • Ability to decipher requirements and correlate to software implementations
  • Knowledge on vehicle variants/algorithms/part numbers etc
  • Good understanding of diagnostics and flash over the air concepts


Job Responsibilities

  • Review of generic platform and component requirements
  • Selection of requirements for integration
  • Communication and transmission of identified requirements to the respective target ECU and stakeholders involved
  • Identification and procurement of the stakeholder requirements necessary for integration and configuration from the respective target ECUs
  • Creation and documentation of requirements necessary for integration and configuration
  • Adaptation and improvement of requirements management processes in coordination with the relevant stakeholders
  • Ensuring traceability of integration-relevant artifacts (architecture, software, testing) and support for quality audits
  • Preparation and presentation of reports and statistics in committees
  • Adaption of the configuration in the SW stack and other SW parts
  • Creation of the necessary configurations of the basic SW modules and the RTE
  • Versioning and traceability of configuration artifacts
  • Coordination of configuration-relevant adaptions and requirements with stakeholders
  • Documentation and reporting of changes and adjustments in the field of configuration management
  • Use the project specified tools to create and manage configurations
  • Analysis of the runtime behavior with the changed configurations

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