About the Customer:

Embitel has developed a new plugin to address the image compression and optimization issues that website owners are facing frequently. By integrating AEM with this Python-based plugin, we are empowering marketing teams so that they can easily compress images that are used on their websites.

This advanced AEM python plug-in is available at no cost for all AEM users looking for optimization of their website, auto compression of images and easy management of large images.

Business Challenges:

A lot of enterprises today have AEM tool at their disposal to deliver better customer experiences on their websites. But they face one common challenge that is the optimization of images during run-time without compromising on the quality of images as large as 100 MB.

Embitel’s new plugin will solve the image size issue and help enterprises deliver better customer experiences at all times.

Embitel’s Solution:

  • AEM with Python is a unique and new combination of technologies used in the development of this plugin.
  • The plugin can detect whether an image is scalar or vector and adjust its size accordingly. Vector images are usually small but scalar images need to be reduced without affecting the pixels.
  • In the plugin, we have specified the percentage change allowed for each image type. The quality of the image will not change and there is an option for the user to compress or create a new image in the front end.
  • The plugin compresses the images to the optimal level without losing clarity or pixilation.
  • The compressed images are stored in the same folders as the originals and if any changes are needed, the configuration is easy.
  • The plugin also gives us different versions of images for mobile, tablet and desktop automatically.

Embitel Impact:

  • Through image optimization, website users can enjoy faster loading times.
  • The plugin is simple to use and integrate with your existing system.
  • It improves your site performance and user experience.
  • Embitel is offering this add-on free of cost for AEM customers.
  • We can customize the plugin to suit your specific needs and preferences.
  • End-to-end support from our team is available, if needed.

Tools and Technologies:


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