About the Customer:

Our customer is a leading hyper-local, hybrid retailer, headquartered in Asia, offering a wide range of products catering to multiple customer segments. This includes FMCG, fashion and lifestyle, consumer electronics, homestyle – to name a few.

Business Challenges:

The multi-format retail group already had a functional ecommerce store, powered by
Magento Community edition. Over the years, the website had a lot of added custom codes with varied enhancement objectives.

When the customer approached us, they wanted to move to a more stable, secure, scalable and manageable ecommerce platform that would leverage the enterprise capabilities of Adobe Commerce Cloud.

Additionally, with the replatforming, the customer desired to achieve the following digital goals:

– Achieving 15% improvement in the performance of the current ecommerce store was the primary goal.

– The ecommerce store had around 16K people shopping at every peak hour. They wanted to further enhance this by 25% in the following year.

The webstore had a complex structure featuring around 50k+ SKUs, 10+ customer groups, store-wise inventory and pricing with near real-time check, with throughput exceeding 4K RPM.  The migration had to be done without affecting the existing data and system.

Embitel’s Solution:

Our Experienced digital commerce experts conducted a detailed technical workshop to understand and analyse the business challenges.

Following this, our consultants undertook the following activities:

  • Analysed the requirements and business goals of the customer
  • Evaluated their existing business model
  • Assessed the areas/modules that needed focus to achieve scalability
  • Defined and created a digital strategy and an ecommerce & IT roadmap that delivers profitable growth

After the technical review, it was decided that the ambitious retail ecommerce solution would be developed using a combination of robust software including Magento 2 Commerce Cloud 2.X and a no-Sql based bespoke inventory and pricing engine.

The platform enabled the customer to have near real-time dynamic pricing and inventory management, stability, and performance improvement more than the targeted 15%.

Rewriting the legacy code within 4 months of development timeline for such a large multi-format retailer was a challenging task.

Embitel’s digital commerce team decided to rewrite the code rather than the preferred refactoring mode usually taken by other vendors, despite the shortest duration available for the platform migration.

Here is a quick snapshot of the various phases and features of the Retail ecommerce solution developed during our collaboration with the customer:

  1. Ecommerce store migration
    • Migrate the customer’s Magento Community store to Magento Commerce Cloud
    • Migrate Pimcore to the latest stable version & improve website performance
    • Migrate Picker, Rider and Hub Manager App APIs
    • Migrate the Customer’s mobile app for iOS & Android APIs
  2. Third-party integrations
    • Payment Solutions and platforms including Razorpay, CCAvenue, PhonePe, Paytm, CoD & more
    • Logistics Service Provider
    • Mail (Transaction e-mails, Customer account registration and password management, NotifyMe)
    • SMS service provider (Transaction related, Customer OTPs, Forgot Password registration, customer login, notify me)
    • Loyalty and Rewards Software Solutions
    • Appsflyer – unified marketing platform
  3. Other highlights
    • Our team created a new bespoke Inventory and pricing engine entirely from scratch. The team also ensured smooth integrations with the heart of the platform. This engine is highly scalable and helped improve the performance issues and other difficulties encountered on the old platform.
    • We also modified the Mobile app and website to handle a new category of fashion with its own configurable product set up
    • Our team replaced the old Payment gateway SDKs with the latest ones that were inherently safer.
    • We also enhanced the platform to handle the unique requirements of the Fashion business category.

Embitel Impact:

  • We were instrumental in deploying a highly intuitive and user-friendly retail e-commerce platform with the new bespoke inventory and pricing engine in less than 6 months.
  • Additionally, the platform supports a range of state-of-the-art features like large inventory, Dynamic pricing, last mile delivery apps, etc.
  • The user experience on the website was enhanced multi-fold as navigation was easier and product search and discovery was streamlined.
  • The customer requested for a parallel launch of the new platform. Our team was quick to bring in all its expertise and we enhanced both the platforms to work seamlessly, without major disruptions.
  • Post the launch of the new platform, the number of orders increased by 20% (approx.) in the first month itself. It was followed by around 80% increase in orders in the second month without any downtime or disruptions.

Tools and Technologies:

  • Magento 2 Commerce Cloud
  • Mongo DB
  • Python
  • Native Android and iOS Mobile Applications

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