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Jarir.com Case-Study: Part – II

Going Omnichannel – consistent Jarir experience across channels

After successfully overcoming the ERP and UX issues, Jarir joined hands with Embitel to realize the full potential of the powerful Magento Enterprise platform.

Hence commenced the journey of going Omnichannel ! Having developed trust in Embitel’s technology capabilities, Jarir expected nothing but the best.

The hard work and solid coordination between Jarir and Embitel teams paid off and Jarir customers now enjoy consistent experience across web-store and in-store channels.

 Omnichannel features:
  • Cross-office offers: Bundling of products and gifts to offer additional discounts and enable cross-selling. All in-store offers are available online as well.
  • Pre-release orders: All pre-release orders are available in-store and on web-store. Web-store orders are available for in-store pay and pick-up
  • Consistent brand experience: In-store departmental brand colors replicated on web-store by designing color-coded category tabs on web-store
  • Consistent Returns and Exchange policy: Same Returns and Exchange policies across channels. Web-store customers can return and exchange in-store
  • Integration of Jarir discount program: Jarir discount card is applied automatically during check-out. This ensures a seamless replication of in-store experience for Jarir customers
  • Web-store cataloguing:Entire Catalogue is managed in ERP and synced with Magento. This ensures that the entire range of products and stock information is available for web-store customers as well
  • Integrated work-flow: Order placed online is synced from Magento to ERP for fulfillment. When picked and packed, ERP syncs with Magento for Invoicing and Shipment. Data is again synced back to ERP for financial reconciliation
Innovative features to deliver delight to customers:
  • For each category, highest discounted product, by value, is displayed as featured product
  • End-to-end integration of web-store with Aramex Shipping partner for seamless fulfillment
  • Integration of Shipping Manifestation process with the web-store powered by Magento Enterprise Edition
  • Customised order work-flow to suit Jarir’s fulfillment work-flow
Embitel Impact:
  • Jarir.com organic traffic has increased by more than 100% over the last one year since launch of phase-I
  • Since the launch of Omnichannel features and online sales Jarir.com has witnessed steady growth in online sales (which is all organic, conversion of normal visitors to buyers). Web-store visitors on observing ‘Add-to-cart’ feature are organically taking ‘buy’ action.

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