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Essence of Retail e-Commerce and its Optimization

From designing the structure of an e-shop to analyzing user expectations, this webinar is about the best practices to be followed while designing an ecommerce website. “Search” and “Tab” functionality options are other important aspects of an ecommerce portal that are discussed in this webinar.

This webinar focuses on ecommerce design, planning and optimization best practices.

Here are some of the key points discussed during this webinar:

  • Footprinting the e-Shop (General e-Shop structure, Top 5 pages, Relevancies etc)
  • Inside the user (User expectations, Using scenarios, User centric design etc)
  • Do or not to do (General design rules, Top5 page specific rules etc)
  • User wants to “find”, instead of “search” (What user expecting from onsite search)
  • Competition for the “tab” (New approaches for e-shop navigation)
  • Changes matters (Samples of redesign impact, Simple changes, Simple calculation etc)

About the Speaker-:

Daniel Rebhorn

Daniel is founder of dmc digital media center Gmbh, Germany and also one of the managing directors of Embitel Technologies, India. He has studied computer science at the University of Stuttgart and has worked on ecommerce website development domain since the time of its inception. He is responsible for development and success of many popular e-retail sites like Neckermann and Kodak. He has also played the role of an IT consultant for various companies in the areas of engineering and quality control. He has been an entrepreneur since 1992 and brings enormous leadership capabilities to the table.

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