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“Speed-to-Market” with hybris –Your New B2B / B2C E-Commerce Platform, now Live in 90 days

In your pursuit of ecommerce success, you are bound to do some soul-searching over critical questions like – How quickly my B2B or B2C operations will become functional on-line in order to start generating revenue and gain competitive advantage? Who has necessary competencies to help my business achieve desired goals of time-to-market and quality? 

In this context, this interesting whitepaper will serve as a guiding light to your path to Ecommerce Success:


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    This whitepaper recommends following important steps for successful Ecommerce platform implementation within three months, not only for B2C but also for your B2B solutions.
    • Define business requirements and map them with the offerings of a suitable e-commerce platform to identify necessary ‘out-of-box features’ and ‘features that can wait’.
    • Select appropriate platform solution and partner with technology vendor who has in-depth domain knowledge, experience of digital commerce.
      Embitel Technologies, a hybris Silver Partner –
    Your Technology partner who has experience of delivering e-commerce solution with timely and quality delivery
    • Collaborate with us to deliver an omni-channel buying experience for your customers
    • Leverage the in-depth expertise of our engineering talent with critical hybris components – PCM, WCMS, CS, HMC, HAC and more
    • We are a CMMI Level III organization, with certified and robust project management processes and delivery model. Read in detail about EmbiQ Model
    Know more about our hybris platform capabilities at– hybris Ecommerce And to unlock the potential of Ecommerce for your business, read about our Ecommerce Services at – Ecommerce Service Suite
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