IoT Gateway Device Development Services


IoT Gateway Device Development Project: the Best Practices

IoT Gateway Device, in addition to managing two way data transfer, is responsible for compatibility, IoT security and device configuration and management.

Following are some of the best practices to keep in mind before kick-starting an IoT Gateway software and hardware development project:


IoT Gateway Hardware & Software Development Services

Gateway and Sensor Nodes

IoT Gateway Device and Sensor Nodes Communication

  • IoT Gateway and interface development to enable communication with network(s) of multiple IoT sensors
  • Expertise in integration with popularly deployed sensor nodes based on Zigbee, Bluetooth, LoRA, Zwave, 6lowpan and WiFi protocols

    Secure Device Registration

    Secure Device Registration

    Ensuring secured communication between the cloud and the IoT gateway through

  • Device Authentication using SSL certificate
  • Authentication using device MAC ID and key generation

    Hardware Design Consulting

    IoT Hardware Design Consulting

  • Requirement gathering and analysis workshops with our IoT Consultants
  • Architecture design and BOM cost optimization
  • Schematic and Layout designing
  • Signal Integrity Testing, Prototyping and Production support

    IoT Gateway Software

    IoT Gateway Software and Testing Services

  • Device configuration management to facilitate communication between IoT Gateway, sensor nodes and the cloud server
  • Support for OTA updates for IoT Gateway and Sensor Nodes network
  • Message storing to manage lost connection – the fetched data is stored and sent again when the connection is retrieved
  • Expertise in designing portable IoT software: Compatibility with various hardware platforms and OS

    IoT Gateway Maintenance

    Maintenance and Support Services for IoT Gateway Device

  • Support for field testing and deployment
  • Data collection, analysis, and performance tuning
  • Bug fixing and support in making the production software more stable


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