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How is SOME/IP Shaping the Future of In-Vehicle Network Architecture

[Webinar] How is SOME/IP Shaping the Future of In-Vehicle Network Architecture?

How will the future of on-board networks look like? What will be the role of SOME/IP in enabling modern automotive applications? In the first part of our SOME/IP webinar series, we answer these questions!

The upcoming trends in the automotive industry are all about highly-automated driving, V2X technology, and Electric Vehicles. These solutions require higher computational power, faster bandwidth, back-end connectivity, advanced software features and regular software updates.

Existing ECU communication protocols like CAN, LIN, FlexRay, etc. are not fast or efficient enough to ensure smooth functioning of such applications. Moreover, one of the pre-requisites of these applications is the implementation of service-oriented architecture, which again is beyond CAN or LIN.

SOME/IP has been designed to overcome such issues. In this webinar, we will focus on SOME/IP and its role in the future of on-board networks.

SOME/IP stands for Scalable Service-Oriented Middleware over IP and was developed by the BMW group in the year 2011. The name makes it clear that it is a middleware solution that enables service-oriented communication between the Electronic Control Units.

What’s in store for you in this SOME/IP webinar?

  1. A brief overview of Upcoming trends in the automotive industry
  2. Understanding the Current, Upcoming and Future onboard networks in brief
  3. Migrating to future onboard network architecture, and role of SOME/IP in this transition
  4. Basics of SOME/IP
  5. Frequently asked questions about SOME/IP

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Tutorial Host and Mentor

Ajish Alfred

Technical Lead (Vehicle On-board Networks)
Embitel Technologies

On-demand Webinar

Release Date: Wednesday, October 21th, 2020

Duration: 15 mins

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