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[Infographic] Upcoming Technologies & Software Platforms That Point Towards Electric Vehicle Dominance

Almost every major OEM in the world has set up a separate electric vehicle unit. They are pumping in capital, engineering prowess and R&D capabilities to build electric vehicles that can disrupt the market. Every component of EVs whether it is the battery pack, powertrain system, battery management system or motor controller, has seen significant advancement over the past decade. By 2028, an average electric vehicle is estimated to have a range of 400+ miles.

One of the major drivers of change of such magnitude is the advancement in EV software and development of platforms that ensure faster development of EV components. Electric vehicle industry is also benefitting from innovations in infotainment system, cybersecurity, and motor control system.

Here, we present the changing face of EV industry across the globe and how technological advancement is propelling the growth of EVs.

Changing Face of Electric Vehicle Industry

Embitel has its eyes set on electric vehicle industry from the very onset. As automotive embedded experts, our focus has been on various electronic system that help run an electric vehicle. From advanced motor control system powered by FOC algorithm and regenerative braking to cybersecurity and ISO 26262 compliant software development practices, we are fully equipped to cater your EV requirements.

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