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Software Architect – Security


Location : Whitefield, Bangalore

Experience : 15+ years with software development experience in Automotive domain.


Job Description:

  • Responsible for defining & documenting software architecture to satisfy the vehicle communications requirements defined by the requirements engineering team.
  • Shall be self-organized and work with colleagues working remotely at different time-zones.
  • Responsible for assessing requirements and classify them as agreed / not agreed / not applicable / partly agreed etc.
  • Responsible for discussing with various stakeholders and experts within organization to clarify un-clear part.
  • Also responsible for providing clarification to other team members within organization who seek clarifications on Vehicle Communications related topics.

Must have:

  • Shall have strong communication skills.
  • Shall have experience in platform development.
  • Shall have experience with software configuration management and requirements management tools.
  • Shall have experience in developing software in C++14 or newer.
  • Shall have experience in Clang as compiler and SCA (Software Composition Analysis) tool.
  • Shall have experience in Rust language and its memory safety features.
  • Shall have experience IP Sec (layer 3 security protocol)
  • Shall have experience in TLS (layer 4 security protocol) version 1.3.
  • Shall have strong experience in TLS Certificates.
  • Shall have knowledge in MacSec (layer 2 security protocol)

Nice to have:

  • Experience in working with European companies.
  • Experience in SAFe agile environment.
  • Experience with C++17.
  • Experience in Linux / QNX / ROS.
  • Experience in SOME/IP, ViWi and MQTT protocols.

Working with Embitel

  • Freedom to challenge norms, make mistakes, learn and grow
  • There is no ‘I’ in word ‘Team’ and also no hierarchy at Embitel
  • Employees of Embitel are partners of our excellence and growth. And they are at the core of organization’s Mission and Vision


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