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Multi-site Implementation Using Magento Commerce Cloud for a Leading Supermarket Retailer in the Middle East

About the Customer:

Our customer is a premium supermarket retailer with multiple stores across the Middle East. The retailer offers its customers great options to buy from a wide array of high-quality local and international products along with a superior shopping experience.

Business Challenges:

The supermarket group wished to leverage ecommerce and mobile commerce in order to deliver world-class shopping experience to its large customer base. They wanted an omni-channel, feature-rich ecommerce solution that can fulfil the following growth goals:

  • Offer hassle-free, swift home delivery to the customers
  • Enhanced sales through efficient management of the inventory flow
    and retail supply chain
  • Improved customer retention
  • A smart order management solution that can enable store manager to efficiently manage online orders

Embitel’s Solution:

Our Digital commerce experts conducted a detailed technical workshop with the customer to gain a deep understanding of their business objective and ecommerce vision. After the technical workshop, a detailed ecommerce roadmap was developed under which it as decided to create web shops and mobile app (PWA) to achieve the business objectives.

Here is quick summary of the different phases of the ecommerce solution developed and released by our team:

  1. Magento Commerce Implementation: Our Magento experts leveraged Magento Commerce Cloud for multi-site implementation. Under this implementation, a single Magento instance was enabled to support three major Business units of the retail group. This subsequently helped the customer in considerably reducing their total cost of ownership.
  2. Mobile-First Approach: The multi-site solution was developed as Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) using React JS. Additionally, the team also developed a cross-platform app using Flutter.

    The team developed 4 Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) for efficient order fulfilment. This included:

    • Store Manager App: We developed a supply-chain module that routes orders to the Store Manager app based on the location specified by the user. This app is used by Store Managers for order fulfilment. This app increased the efficiency and speed of operations and order fulfilment.
    • Hub Manager App: The Hub Manager app receives data from the supply chain module and uses this to centrally manage and allot delivery fleet, across all the supermarket chains. This ensured faster and accurate order delivery to the customers.
    • Picker App: The Picker app is used by the supermarket picker agent to manage the order in case of non-availability of order – through substitution, modifying the quantity, and alerting the customer accordingly.
    • Delivery App: This app is used by the rider/delivery agent to navigate to the customer’s location and deliver the orders within the specified time.
  3. Product & Inventory Management: Pimcore customization helped in seamless management of a wide array of products, their attributes, inventory and delivery fleet.

    Magento’s Multi Source Inventory (MSI) management module was setup for more cohesive and unified management of the inventory across all the supermarket outlets.

  4. Integrations: The Magento based multi-site solution was integrated with –
    Salesforce CRM for advanced marketing, Oracle Software for Financing & Accounting, and ERP Gold to fulfil specific Business Processing needs.

Embitel Impact:

  1. Team Embitel’s digital commerce experience and technical capabilities helped the customer to offer an omni-channel commerce experience to their clients. This translated to significant growth driven by:
    • Increased conversions
    • Faster order fulfilment
    • 4X increase in their supply chain efficiency
    • Customer retention
    • Reduction in TCO through technological intervention
  2. Additionally, the omnichannel solution enabled the retail firm to deliver to the promise of guaranteed same day deliver to their customers.

Tools and Technologies:

  • Magento Commerce Cloud: Ecommerce development
  • Pimcore: Product information, inventory management
  • React JS: Development of Progressive Web App (PWA)
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