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Ecommerce Platform Migration to Overcome Security Threats

Recently, nearly 2000 ecommerce stores were compromised in what is termed by security experts as the largest automated hacking campaign to date.

The hackers reportedly injected malicious code (the form of attack is called Magecart) on website checkout forms to exfiltrate sensitive payment information entered by customers.

And do you know what was common amongst a majority of these sites that got attacked?

They were all running on Magento version 1.x, which had reached end-of-life (EOL) on June 30, 2020.

Adobe, the Magento parent company, had withdrawn all support and security patches and quality fixes to stores using Magento 1.x.

Evidently, Magento 1.x is no longer a secure solution to run your ecommerce store unless you make a sustained special effort to protect it in the long run.

The Way Forward:

The question that arises here is whether you really need to spend all that time and effort to sustain the website on an outdated version of ecommerce platform. The plethora of alternative options out there may differentiate your business from competitors tomorrow. Let us introduce you to a few:

  1. Migration to the feature-rich Magento 2.x platform
  2. Migration to another ecommerce platform (commercetools, Shopify, etc.) that offers watertight security and a host of attractive features

Confused about where to begin? Read on to learn more.

Why Is It Important to Reconsider Your Decision to Stay on Magento 1.x?

If you have an ecommerce store still running on Magento 1.x, it is advisable to consider replatforming your webstore. Continuing your ecommerce store on Magento 1 platform presents you with the following challenges:

Highly Vulnerable

Even if your business is not one of those who have not come under the recent Magecart attack, as long as you continue on Magento 1, your ecommerce store is highly vulnerable to serious security threat.

After the EOL, that is June 2020, Magento 1.x as a platform is susceptible to critical cyber security attacks that can rob you and your customer of sensitive information and threaten your business’ credibility.

No longer PCI-Compliant

Leading payment processors like Visa and MasterCard have already publicly warned that e-store owners who are running on Magento 1.x will lose the PCI- DSS accreditation. What does this mean?

It means as the owner of an ecommerce store that handles online card payments, you would be responsible for your customer’s sensitive card information and any damage done therein.

Troubleshooting Issues

After EOL date, Magento has also stopped sending patch updates and bug fixes. This will affect your website performance in the longer run. Your e-store needs that periodic maintenance, software, and patch updates for smooth, faster and glitch-free operations. And you cannot always seek short fixes to troubleshoot your website performance issues.

No Support for Magento 1 Extensions

Magento also has made it clear that, post-June 2020, the Magento 1.x extensions will no longer be available in the Magento marketplace. This can affect the usability of your ecommerce site running on Magento 1.x.

Even if your ecommerce store was fortunate to be not in the list of those 2000 or so ecommerce stores which got hacked by the Magecart attack, your site is still prone to security threats since your store has no official support from Magento. Replatform Now For a More Secure Site!

Why expose your valuable website data and customer information to security threats when you can simply choose a more safe and robust ecommerce platform?

Your Roadmap to Re-platforming : Our Exclusive 4-hour Consultation Package – Absolutely Free!

With more than 14+ years of domain experience, our digital commerce consultants can steer you in the right direction. We are here to help you take the right step to safeguard your website.

Playbook on Magento 1 Website Re-platforming:

Learn all about our exclusive Ecommerce Consultation Package for seamless migration from Magento 1

We are providing a free 4-hour consultation, wherein we can help you:

  1. Analyse your ecommerce store on Magento 1.x
  2. Identify the right platform to migrate to (based on business needs)
  3. Create the roadmap and action plan to migrate from Magento 1.x to the new ecommerce platform
  4. Provide the actionable insights to run a profitable business on the new platform

If this free consultation session proves useful to you, you choose to leverage our digital commerce expertise in the following areas:

Website design and development

  • Design & UI
  • Branding & Wireframing
  • Website Custom development
  • Integration with other systems & plug-ins

Mobile app development

  • App Conceptualization & Market identification
  • App UI Design & Wireframing
  • Backend Development
  • QA& Performance Optimization

Headless commerce solutions

  • Headless Platform selection
  • Implementation of Headless architecture
  • PWA development
  • API development

Ecommerce managed services

  • Content, Catalogue & campaign Management
  • Users and Promotions Management
  • Cart and Checkout processes
  • Orders, Shipping & Returns Management
  • Multi-Level IT Support
  • Post Release and business continuity support

Business analytics and intelligence

  • Structured data consolidation
  • Forecasting and visualization
  • Advanced data analytics and reporting
  • User Experience Analytics

What Do You Stand to Gain from This 4-hour Consultation?

At the end of this detailed consulting session, you would:

  • Have a clear understanding of the AS IS & TO BE Blueprint for your ecommerce store.
  • Understand why it is necessary, rather critical, to migrate from Magento 1.x to a more robust, secure and feature-rich ecommerce platform, ASAP!
  • Have clear answer to pertinent questions like: “What all should I” and “How to“ automate your digital commerce processes.
  • Identify the growing challenges in your ecommerce journey and also the right technology innovations to address them!
  • Get expert suggestions and customized roadmap to increase your business ROI.
  • Understand how to leverage trending solutions such Headless Commerce, Progressive Web App (PWA), and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) to deliver seamless customer experience & improve business profitability.
  • Create an effective action-plan to implement and run a future-ready ecommerce store.

Just schedule a free consultation with us and relax! The onus is on us to help you create the future roadmap and action plan to protect your business!

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