Our Customers:

We have had the opportunity to partner with some of the biggest automotive Tier-1 suppliers. The end customers of our partners are major OEMs.

Some of the Tessy Powered Unit Testing projects we worked on include ASIL C compliant Automotive Lighting Module, ASIL B compliant Pneumatic System, Powertrain ECUs and more.

We helped our customers with all the required work products for ISO 26262 Compliance.

Business Context:

Safety has become the number one priority among the Automotive OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers. As per a project’s specifications, there are several industry safety standards that need to be complied with. And Unit Testing is one major aspect of this compliance.

Our customers often face challenges with ISO 26262 compliant unit testing. For both compliance and certifications, they require the test reports from ISO 26262 qualified Unit testing tool.

There are multiple code coverages including MC/DC that is mandatory for certain ASIL grades.

Safety critical Automotive Applications like powertrain ECU, Body Control Module, Electronic Power Steering, etc. require comprehensive testing as per the ISO 26262 guidelines specified in Part-6 and Part-8.

The Test Reports from ISO 26262 qualified testing tools are sought by the ISO 26262 certifying authorities as evidence.

We have been technology partners to our customers for carrying out automated unit testing and report generation.

And Tessy, being one of the most reliable ISO 26262 qualified tool for unit testing, has been our tool of choice.

Following Test Methods and Test coverages were expected to be fulfilled.

software unit level
Software unit testing

Work-flow of our Unit Testing Methodology:

Unit Testing Methodology

  • Tools like DOORS, Polarion help in Requirement Management.
  • Test Cases are prepared within the Classification Tree Editor (CTE) based on the requirement document.
  • Test Cases are reviewed, and a review report is generated.
  • Test Cases are executed in an automated manner.
  • Test Result is recorded and analyzed.
  • Code Coverage is analyzed.
  • The Test Report is provided as deliverable to the customer.
  • Customer updates the code as per the bug report.

Embitel’s Solution for Unit Testing Using Tessy Tool:

Approach 1 of Unit Testing

Tessy Tool
  • The default GNU GCC compiler will be used to do the compilation.
  • Test Report is generated for each of the software modules and its functions.
  • The Report is shared with the customer to help them rectify the code.

Approach 2 of Unit Testing

Unit Testing Tessy
  • An external Compiler and Debugger will be configured to the Tessy Environment.
  • We have worked on compilers including GHS Green Hills Compiler, Tasking compiler (Tricore V6.3).
  • Test Report is generated for each of the software modules and its functions.
  • The Report is shared with the customer to help them rectify the code.

Tools and Techniques:

  • Tessy Tool: For Automated Unit Testing of Software Modules.
  • Tasking Compiler: Used for code compilation and debugging.
  • Lauterbach Debugger: For code debugging; supports multiple Microcontroller Platforms.


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