IoT Sensor Node Development Services


IoT Sensor Node Development: The Best Practices

The scale and complexity of the IP-based IoT sensor node network depends on the automation use-case. IoT sensors are always associated with a unique design challenge – operating conditions do not facilitate wiring or any external power source.

The following are some best practices to overcome this challenge and ensure successful IoT implementation:

IoT Sensor Development Services


IoT Sensor Node Hardware Design Services

  • Requirement gathering and system analysis workshops with our IoT Consultants
  • Architecture design and BOM cost optimization
  • Schematic and Layout designing
  • Signal Integrity Testing, Prototyping and Production support
  • POC development based on off- the-shelf Evaluation boards.
  • autosar-sofware

    IoT Sensor Node Software Development and Testing Services

  • Development of IoT sensor node software for custom hardware
  • Support for different communication protocols – Zigbee, Bluetooth, EnOcean, LoRA, Z-wave, 6lowpan and Wi-Fi
  • Data storage and handling in case of gateway connectivity issues
  • Ranging and connectivity testing of IoT sensor nodes with IoT Gateway


    IoT Sensor Node Maintenance and Support Services

  • End-to-end field support, maintenance and OTA upgrade
  • Support for field testing and deployment
  • Data collection, analysis, and performance tuning
  • Bug fixing and support in making the production software more stable


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