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What is AUTOSAR Development Partnership and AUTOSAR MCAL Layer

AUTOSAR Development Partnership

AUTOSAR, which stands for AUTomotive Open System Architecture, is a partnership at a global scale between Automotive OEMs, Tier-I suppliers, semiconductor vendors, embedded hardware design houses and embedded software engineering service providers

This worldwide strong partnership has its roots in one common belief – “Cooperate on standards, compete on implementation” as mentioned in the AUTOSAR charter.

Goals of the AUTOSAR Development Partnership

  • Standardization of basic software functionality of automotive ECUs
  • Scalability to different vehicle and platform variants
  • Transferability of embedded software
  • Support of different functional domains
  • Definition of an open AUTOSAR architecture
  • Collaboration between various embedded partners
  • Development of highly dependable systems
  • Support of applicable automotive international standards and state-of-the-art technologies

(Adapted from www.autosar[dot]org)

What is AUTOSAR MCAL Layer?

MCAL (Microcontroller Abstraction Layer), conforming to the microcontroller abstraction layer of AUTOSAR specifications, is the driver module of the infrastructure software. MCAL realizes notification mechanism to support instruction, response and information distribution to different processes. The main components are DIO, ADC, PWM, PWD, EEP, FLS, CCU, WDT, SPI, IIC etc.

(Source – www.automotivetechis.wordpress.com)

Learn more about the software architecture, device drivers and tools configuration related to AUTOSAR MCAL (Microcontroller Abstraction Layer).

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AUTOSAR Migration Services | AUTOSAR MCAL Drivers Development Services

As a CMMI Level 3 organization, we, at Embitel Technologies, have partnered with global customers and gained extensive project experience and in-depth understanding of the AUTOSAR standard.

We have also developed a robust implementation and quality model – the EmbiQ Model.

How can we add value to your AUTOSAR roadmap? See our service offerings:


AUTOSAR Migration


Platform(s) Evaluation




RTE, BSW integration


Application Layer – MBD and implementation




For more details, you can refer to this link – AUTOSAR Service Offerings

Also check our AUTOSAR customer success stories: MCAL development and testing for a Freescale Power PC Controller (MPC5554) based system


More Details of our AUTOSAR Service Offerings:

AUTOSAR Migration Strategy

Technical and business workshops to analyze your product roadmaps and assessment of AUTOSAR migration strategy across product lines

RTE and BSW integration

Integration of RTE (Run-time environment) and AUTOSAR BSW stack (basic software) with the application.

Embedded Platform(s) consulting

Technical assessment and evaluation of embedded platforms across product linesto identify the one best suited for the customer’s applications

Application Layer – MBD and implementation

Model-Based Development (AUTOSAR, DaVinci Developer) and logic implementation for application layer of the AUTOSAR Software Stack

AUTOSAR MCAL Drivers – Development, code generation and testing

  • Development of Microcontroller Drivers (MCU, GPT), Communication Drivers (CAN, LIN, FlexRay, MOST), I/O Drivers (ICU, PWM, ADC, PORT)
  • Code generation for all the standard tools
  • Automated MIL and SIL testing of the AUTOSAR MCAL(Microcontroller Abstraction Layer) drivers

AUTOSAR Tools – Configuration and Code Generation

  • Configuration and code generation (exe file) for Comasso, Vector , ECU Spectrum, KSAR AUTOSAR.
  • DaVinci Developer tool for AUTOSAR software architecture design
  • Expertise in Code generation tools based on Pearl and Python.


What is AUTOSAR Layered Architecture?

AUTOSAR uses a three-layered architecture:

  • Basic Software (AUTOSAR BSW): Basic Software is the standardized software layer, which provides services to the AUTOSAR Software Components and is necessary to run the functional part of the software. It does not fulfill any functional job itself and is situated below the AUTOSAR RTE (Runtime Environment). The Basic Software contains standardized and ECU specific modules.
  • Runtime environment (AUTOSAR RTE): Middleware which abstracts from the network topology for the inter- and intra-ECU information exchange between the application software components and between the Basic Software (BSW) and the applications.
  • Application Layer: application software components that interact with the runtime environment (RTE).

Source – AUTOSAR.org


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