Exploring The Intricacies of ISO 26262 Standard Application in ADAS

Building an ADAS system pertaining to any level, entails the highest safety criticality i.e., ASIL D. And therefore, the most stringent ISO 26262 standard guidelines need to be followed. ADAS has seen a significant evolution over the years, growing from rudimentary systems to complex networks of sensors, actuators, and control units.

All About OTA Update for Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)

Over the Air (OTA) update is crucial for remotely updating connected vehicle software components. Through this technology, vehicles receive ECU software updates from the IoT cloud. Although it offers a host of benefits to connected vehicle owners and OEMs alike, the update of advanced safety-critical components such as ADAS should be executed with caution. This blog explains the key requirements for OTA update on ADAS subsystem of vehicles.

Why Digital Rear-View Mirror is the Best Fit for Modern-Day Cars

Digital rear-view mirrors are the future of commercial and personal vehicles. With the advancement of technology and continuous evolution of automotive parts, the digital rear-view mirror has been welcomed as a highly useful alternative. E-mirrors come with an all-round set of enhanced features and ADAS – L2 functionalities, easing the driving experience, making it smooth and effortless.