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A step-by-step Guide for Magento 2 Migration


Magento 2 processes ~39% more orders per hour and supports ~51% faster checkout times.

So migrating to Magento 2 makes business sense, but how will you make this technology change while managing core business activities? In this video, Embitel’s Magento 2 expert makes things simpler for you with a step-by-step Magento 2 migration guide.



What makes Embitel a preferred technology partner for Magento 2 Migration:

  • Magento Enterprise Solution Partner
  • 58 certified Magento 2 developers
  • 10 years of ecommerce experience, across verticals & in varying scale.


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    Let’s replace one of the above with this: https://www.embitel.com/blog/ecommerce-blog/magento-2-community-vs-enterprise-edition

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