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How a Magento Development Company in Dubai Can Help You Prop up Online Sales

Leading Information technology research and consultancy companies like Gartner states that Adobe Commerce (also referred to as Magento) is one of the best e-commerce platforms. Based on their survey and reports, Gartner has consistently categorized Magento under their magic quadrant for e-commerce platforms.

What causes a customer to pick one brand over another? What variables come into play to help brand steadfastness and rejuvenate business? Also, what business elements will cause a shopper to stay away from a brand? Knowing the responses to these questions help business brands focus on their clients in specific geographic areas.

To track down these answers, several statistical surveys were dispatched over the years to observe the trends. The perspectives on online shopping and transactions were noted, for several respondents. Various Magento development companies in Dubai are taking up this opportunity and revamping their e-commerce stores with respect to these responses.

E-commerce Trends in Dubai

When you hear the word ‘pandemic’, what’s the primary thing that rings a bell? ‘Opportunity’ may be the last thing you will consider; however, with the present turns of events, you will be astounded that, opportunities are really arising particularly in the UAE business scene.

Not persuaded? How about we investigate the online retail world, one of the quickest developing areas in the UAE that has additionally moved to the spotlight by the current circumstances?

  • Social distancing prodded web-based business development

    With organisations and authorities asking everybody to rehearse social distancing to battle the spread of the infection, an expanded number of buyers have been reported to shop online or virtually rather than visiting actual stores.

    As indicated by a new report directed by Dubai Police, Dubai Economy and Visa in the UAE, 68% of individuals who took an interest said that they have reduced shopping at actual stores since the beginning of the pandemic while 49% are shopping on the web more. These figures definitely speak a ton about the eventual fate of retail.

  • Developing trust in computerized exchanges

    Monetary transactions that involve passing on money from one person to another isn’t ideal amidst a pandemic. This is another justification for why more individuals began shopping on the web. This way, they could utilize computerized instalments, and even people who were at first wary about doing exchanges over the Internet joined the bandwagon.

  • In a similar report, it was indicated that 61% of those shopping online are utilizing cards and advanced wallets. From here, we can see the enormous change in the UAE online retail scene with regards to instalments.

  • Current web-based business patterns expected to continue

    Indeed, there is no retreat. Even post COVID-19, buyers won’t get back to their past utilization conduct. This is supported by the examination by Kearney Middle East where 48% of respondents from the UAE and 69% in Saudi Arabia said that they will continue to rely on online stores for their buys even after the pandemic. Online stores and e-commerce platforms have taken the upper hand, eventually!

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Ecommerce Development in Dubai and the Benefits of Magento Platform

Ever wondered why big brands and tech giants run their e-stores on Magento? Various Magento development companies in Dubai and across the UAE have qualified Magento developers and designers who can help you create a futuristic ecommerce website – From Magento migration to integration, speed optimization to support and custom store building. Magento development companies like Embitel can assist you with creating a new store or customising an existing one.

Benefits Incurred from Magento

Whatever your industry may be, certified Magento developers can make your web-based business dreams come true. The platform offers a host of benefits including:

  • Versatile content management
  • Mobile friendly interfaces
  • Multi language support
  • Multi-currency support
  • Advanced SEO options
  • Built-in security which is customizable
  • Advanced device compatibility
  • Best digital experience/cloud services for customers

Since Magento provides unique e-commerce features, it is believed to cost higher than other ecommerce platforms in the market today.

However, Magento development companies like Embitel have come up with affordable packages to help you set up a full-fledged e-store in a matter of few weeks! These are cost effective packages that suit three different budgets and business objectives.

Embitel’s Magento Rapid Deployment Packages

Having or starting an e-commerce store from scratch comes with its own set of challenges. If you are wondering how to create a smooth and distinctive online user experience, we have got you covered.

Adobe Commerce offers several complex features and functions. Working on an e-store has never been easier, whether it is updating existing material on your website or recommending future development ideas. Migrating to Magento 2 will improve the speed and functionality of your website while also providing your users with a more customised experience.

Embitel’s RapidRetail Accelerator is an omnichannel retail solution designed to assist businesses of all sizes in establishing a successful ecommerce presence in the shortest time duration. This solution comes in three distinct flavours to suit both small and large enterprises’ budgets and deadlines, transforming them into fully responsive and transactional Adobe Commerce sites.

If you own a small business and cost stands in your way from migrating to Magento 2, then this can be the solution you are looking for!

For a detailed insight, head over to Embitel’s Rapid Deployment Packages

Industries We Serve as a Magento Development Company in Dubai

  • Automotive Industry
  • B2B High Tech
  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Financial Services / Insurance
  • Healthcare & Life Sciences
  • Manufacturing & Distribution
  • Media, Entertainment & Telecom
  • Retail
  • Travel & Hospitality

A Brief of Embitel’s Magento Services – A Walkthrough

  • Strategy & Consulting Services

    Our ecommerce consultants can help you with everything from analyzing your current ecommerce site to building a strategy to improve client interaction and discovering omnichannel opportunities.

  • Magento Implementation, Migration and Support

    We assist B2B, B2C, B2B2C, D2C, and marketplace organizations in developing omnichannel commerce solutions using Magento. We also assist you to strengthen your ecommerce store through platform migration and upgrade initiatives. Our professionals can help with production support and security problems for your website as well.

  • Digital Experience Design, Personalization & Management

    Join us to deploy the best digital and interactive solutions that will excite your customers. Our Digital Experience services assist you in creating unique encounters across a variety of platforms.

  • Mobile Strategy / Platform Development

    Our trained Magento consultants work with you from concept to deployment to create highly customised native apps, hybrid apps, and Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) for your business’s success.

  • Cloud Services

    We help companies modernise their business operations through corporate cloud migration, application reengineering, cloud analytics and business intelligence, and other methods.

  • Performance Optimization

    How can ecommerce store owners ensure that their website’s page load speed is optimized for a better user experience and SEO? To do this, a variety of measures can be taken. Connect with us to learn how to improve the performance of your website.

  • Content Management and DAM

    With Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), you can put your consumers at the heart of your experience. We can help you harness the power of a powerful content management and digital asset management system to offer unrivalled client experiences, thanks to our years of AEM installation experience.

  • Design & Usability Services

    Our knowledgeable consultants help organizations create intuitive user interface designs based on historical data and user behavior. We assist you with visualizing responsive ecommerce designs and functionality to enhance sales.

  • Integrations & Customization

    To facilitate smoother operations, we help you design custom modules, enhance performance, and link with external systems like as ERP, CRM, OMS, Analytics, and Search.

  • Managed Services

    We help you create a superior client experience with 24/7 support and maintenance operations for your ecommerce business as an Ecommerce Managed Services provider. Our services encompass IT system support and marketplace operations management from every aspect.


Selected Magento development companies in Dubai like Embitel help you leverage the best of e-commerce and yield the finest results. With the strategic expansion of possibilities put forward by Magento, managing an online web-store is now easier than ever. Experience the ease of running a web-store by migrating to Magento, conjoined with the services we offer!

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