Concept of ecommerce Website & Development

Concept of ecommerce Website & Development

ecommerce Website Development

Organized retailing and constantly evolving consumption will be the next big driver of India’s economic growth. Rising incomes and increased exposure to global products and global consumption patterns have changed the average peoples attitude towards consumption. Fast Market Research is an online aggregator and distributor of market research and business information.

Within the current Internet marketplace, businesses both large and small are well aware of the reasons for developing ecommerce website. By developing one or more websites focused on particular niche markets, businesses can target a wider Internet audience and capture far more sales.

The Concept of ecommerce 

After the turn of the century, the concept of ecommerce was a cutting-edge novelty within the business community.Retailers use ecommerce websites to draw in additional sales or to provide valuable product research.  Every year, more consumers research and purchase products online. The result is that ecommerce is no longer a novelty, it has become a business necessity.

Website Tools For ecommerce Sites
When considering how to develop ecommerce websites to sell your product or service, it’s important to consider the basic components of such a site.

The Website: How it’s designed will determine how well you convert Internet visitors into customers.
Product Catalog: Where you present your products or services.
Shopping Cart: Where customers store purchases as they browse your site.
Payment Gateway Processing: Allows customers to pay you instantly, online.
Product Information: This is where you provide a potential customer with valuable product research.
Search Engine Optimization: Using SEO techniques, you’ll attract more Internet visitors.
Product Images: Customers like to see highly detailed images of products.
About Us: Build consumer confidence by sharing contact information, professional affiliations, and any articles published.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Capture Internet sales by answering questions customers have about the products.
Newsletters: Quarterly Subscription of News.
Privacy Policy: Earn customer trust by putting your privacy policy in writing.
Testimonials: Convert sales quickly by providing customer testimonials.
Provides Social Network: powerful marketing tools to provide good business.

Online Transaction
Smooth and Secure online payment processing is important to online customers. Online visitors with various methods of paying for your product or service online can increase sales conversions significantly.
To build a clean and effective product catalog you have to make sure your product catalog is well formatted, and it’s easy to navigate between categories.Make sure it’s very clear how to go about purchasing the product.
There are several payment methods to consider offering includes credit cards, Paypal etc.Most major credit card companies also provide online billing services to small businesses.

ecommerce Shopping Cart 
A shopping cart is a software application that typically runs on the computer where your Web site is located (the Web server), and allows your customers to do things such as searching for a product in your store catalog, adding a selected product to a basket, and placing an order for it.

There are many ecommerce shopping cart solutions available, like Magento, Joomla Virtuemart etc.

Typically, all shopping carts share the following structure. A shopping cart normally includes:
a) a database that stores information such as product details, customer data, order information, etc.
b) a storefront that displays this information to store visitors (e.g. product detail pages, search pages, checkout pages, etc.)
c) an administration area that allows you, the store administrator, to manage your store. For example, this is where you add products, set up shipping & payment options, process orders, etc.



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