[Video] The Motorcycle Diaries of a Digitally Connected Era

[Video] The Motorcycle Diaries of a Digitally Connected Era

Going by a general conception, riding on two-wheelers is considered to be a risky affair, when compared to four-wheelers.

But now the two wheeler OEMs’, backed by innovations in technology, is all set to bring a major uplift in this perception and redefine your two-wheeler riding experience!

The confluence of Telematics,  IoT, Embedded Systems and mobility technology has paved way for a new era of digitally connected and smart two wheelers.

These IoT enabled two wheelers, with the promise to deliver improved safety & reliability, personalized experience on- road, are expected to witness mass adoption.

Soon, your humble two-wheeler would enable you to:

  • Receive real-time vehicle information on phone
  • Locate nearest recharge stations, public parking spaces etc.
  • Share updates and alerts as per the Two-Wheeler Servicing schedule
  • Lock and unlock your motorbikes remotely
  • Have Hands-free Access to your Phone
  • Track & Recover Stolen motorbikes & many more

So, what does the future of two-wheelers look like? This video is an attempt answes to these and many more similar questions by analyzing the trends in the market.

Watch this Video to Learn About Digitally Connected Two-Wheelers

What will you Learn from this Video?

The video will offer you some interesting insights into the changing technology landscape of the two-wheelers.

You will learn about:

  • What is the technology enabling the digitally connected two-wheelers?
  • What are the factors propelling the Digital Innovations in two wheeler industry?

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