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Leverage our expertise of more than 13 years in the domain of Internet of Things (IoT) app design and development. Our exclusive suite of IoT application development services can streamline the operations of your IoT infrastructure and add significant value to your business use case.

Our experience in IoT app development encompasses the design and development of intuitive mobile apps, web apps, desktop apps and the cloud infrastructure to control operations.

We offer you diligent support from the requirements gathering and engineering phases to the maintenance and evolution stages. Our dedicated hardware and software support teams ensure the most optimum integration of technologies so that your custom-designed solution offers unbeatable performance.

IoT Application Development Services

UI/UX Design and Development
  • Expertise in AVOCODE, Illustrator, POP
  • Partnership with customers for UI design thinking workshops
  • Assistance in industry analysis, end-user analysis, business use case discussions and prototype design
  • Design and development of wireframes – UI Screens, Icons, Infographic Elements, Control Elements, Animations, etc.
  • Qt Open GL for rendering 3D graphics on HMI for desktop apps
  • QML based GUI design for desktop apps

Desktop App Development for IoT
  • Supported platforms – Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Analysis of business use case, design of desktop software architecture and desktop software development
    • Selection of desktop frameworks for platform-specific (Windows OS and Mac OS) app development
    • Selection of desktop frameworks for cross-platform app development
    • Identification of utilities and plug-ins
  • Quality assurance, testing and maintenance
  • Python scripting for unit and automation testing
  • Performance optimization and crash analysis tools

IoT Cloud App Development
  • Sensor Nodes and Cloud Interface development
    • Communication interface between IoT devices & cloud using MQTT, CoAP, AMQP, Websocket, etc.
    • Device registration, data ingestion
  • Device and data management
    • Data processing, storage, real-time analytics
    • Machine Learning
    • Web services for apps
  • End User IoT Application development
    • Device management, user management, site management
    • Alerts and notifications
    • Business intelligence

Mobile Application Development for IoT
  • Native, Hybrid and Mobile Web App development
    • Expertise in Android and iOS native app development
    • Experienced consultants in Java, JNI, jQuery, Objective C, HTML5, Swift
  • Expertise in Native and Cross-Platform App development technologies
  • Partnership with customers for the integration of Mobile Apps in IoT framework, application architecture development, finalizing on testing approach and more

Web Application Development for IoT
  • Design and development of Responsive Web Apps and Progressive Web Apps
  • Selection of JavaScript Mobile Web App Framework
  • Testing and debugging of Mobile Web Apps
  • Partnership with customers for the integration of Web App into the IoT framework

IoT Application Development Tools & Technologies Expertise
  • Angular JS, REALM, SQL Lite, OAUTH tools for Mobile Apps
  • HTML5, JavaScript, CSS for client-side programming of Web Apps
  • Java, .Net for server-side programming of Web Apps
  • Java, C, C++, .Net, Visual Basic for Desktop Apps
  • Expertise in Agile software development methodology

Significance of IoT Applications in a Digitally Connected World

IoT applications are powered by technology to improve business efficiency. They automate and streamline existing processes and offer an intuitive HMI (Human-Machine Interface) that connects the user to the digital world. Users are hence, empowered to control connected devices effortlessly.

Industrial or enterprise IoT applications can be customized to store information in databases. This data can subsequently be displayed on a unique dashboard that offers insights into the functioning of the connected devices.

Our functional areas of expertise in IoT app development include:

Automotive industry

IoT desktop applications can be used to evaluate electrical components of EVs, test music systems, and perform quality control in automotive manufacturing facilities. IoT based dongle applications can be developed for internal and external battery management of vehicles and telematics functions.

Industry 4.0

Customized desktop applications find extensive use in an industrial landscape. Some of the use cases include applications that test high-voltage instruments and quality control applications. IoT applications may also be developed for the remote monitoring and automated control of solar panels in a solar energy plant. Predictive maintenance is a significant benefit offered by IoT in an industrial setup. It is possible to monitor connected equipment and predict the occurrence of faults, so that maintenance activities commence on time. This also mitigates outages due to equipment failure and subsequently, saves on maintenance costs.

Healthcare domain

The use cases of IoT based applications in the healthcare industry include equipment for telemedicine, apps for remote monitoring of patients, connected medical devices, wearables for detecting heartbeat/distance travelled/calories burnt, etc. In the pharmaceutical industry, IoT apps can be developed to monitor medication temperature and to ensure that the medicines adhere to quality standards during transportation.


Businesses and enterprises can utilise the power of IoT applications to improve their operational efficiency. A noteworthy use case is an application that enables administration support personnel to receive alerts on service issues. The app aggregates data from sensors connected to various devices across the office space and helps the support team take immediate actions without having to perform manual checks.

Our IoT App Development Framework

We offer end-to-end IoT application design and development support to customers. This includes assistance in the following solution development stages:

  • Product Ideation – Our involvement in workshops for use case analysis, identifying business challenges, IoT architecture integration, etc.
  • Prototyping – Prototyping helps in getting an overall view of the product functionality before the integration of software.
  • Product Design – Our expertise in the design of hardware and software for the cloud architecture, gateways and IoT apps, and integration of the solution in the IoT framework.
  • Solution Development – Software development activities are implemented through Agile methodology. Hardware development activities can be streamlined to be executed in parallel with software development for specific use cases.
  • Integration to IoT Framework – The IoT application development process also consists of integration of the solution with the framework. We assist in integrating the IoT app with the overall IoT architecture and testing extensively before project rollout.
  • Post-Implementation Support – Our assistance in post implementation activities to ensure smooth functioning of the app in the IoT framework.

Pick Services Based on Your Requirements

You can also choose the services you wish to avail based on the following criteria:

Why Choose Embitel As Your IoT App Development Partner?


14+ Years of Industry Experience

14+ years of experience in full-stack IoT design and development across industries


A Team of 200+ Experts

200+ team of consultants, specializing in automotive, Industry 4.0 and healthcare IoT


500+ Projects Delivered

Large ecosystem of product engineering partners

Top-rated IoT app development company with offices in USA, Germany, UK, UAE and India

IoT in Action: Success Stories

Meet Our IoT Leaders


With 18 years of work experience and an inherent ability to strategize and provide direction to the company’s objectives, Sagar heads the IoT Business Unit at Embitel. His leadership and team management skills are exemplary.

His ability to resolve customer pain points through innovative business solutions has earned him the nickname, “The Master of all IoT Trades”, within his circle.

Vidya Sagar Jampani, Business Unit Head (IoT)
(The Master of all ‘IoT Trades’!)

Sharad is a visionary leader who has witnessed the evolution of industrial automation, electronics, software and connected cars through his professional journey.

With industry experience that exceeds two decades, he has been instrumental in building cross-functional expertise in embedded software, hardware and mobility at Embitel.

Sharad Bairathi | Founder and Managing Partner
Sharad Bairathi | Founder and Managing Partner

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