5 Performance Pillars of AEM (Adobe Experience Manager) that can surge your Ecommerce Success

5 Performance Pillars of AEM (Adobe Experience Manager) that can surge your Ecommerce Success

Every other enterprise today with a significant digital presence is looking for new ways to enhance their customer journey and offer the best of services to their customers at every touchpoint.

The official website of companies is the main source of information for users. The data on the website should be a wholesome place with everything under one roof. It should have information on products, services, solutions, FAQs, contact information along with appealing visual content.

All these impacts user retention. Hence personalization is the key factor that plays a vital role in ensuring a healthy business development and sales pipeline. To help you with this, you need a powerful tool that is competent and consistently efficient. AEM’s CMS (Content Management System) is a tool that fits the bill perfectly.

What is AEM?

Adobe Experience Manager is a Content Management System (CMS). It helps users to build, create and manage content for websites, mobile applications, and content in all forms.

AEM is an key component of the Adobe Experience Cloud and hence integrates well with other Adobe tools like Adobe Analytics, Adobe Campaign, Adobe Target, Adobe Audience Manager etc., making AEM one of the easily scalable and efficient marketing tools in the market today.

There are 5 main components that form the performance pillars of AEM. They are AEM Assets, AEM Mobile, AEM Forms, AEM Sites and AEM Communities.

AEM Assets - You can create, manage, edit, review, optimize, approve and deliver assets. You will be able to deliver quality experiences and integrate assets with Creative Cloud. Metadata and tags can be automatically assigned to all the assets. There are lot of possibilities to create unlimited customizations and innovations of assets with just one set of assets.

It is easier to make responsive videos that are compatible with various screen dimensions in different devices.

AEM assets comes with DAM (Digital Asset Management), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and automation.

AEM Mobile -   You can design and manage mobile applications with varied functionalities on a unified dashboard. Great user experiences can be offered as it becomes easier to integrate with CRM, Product Information Management (PIM), and various other Adobe tools.

Suitable content can be reused for mobile applications to retain customers.

All metrics in the apps can be analyzed, measured, and optimized to plan and deliver better.

Uniform code base across all platforms gives you control, and initiates updates effectively.

AEM Forms - Customized and progressive enrollment and onboarding of users happens effortlessly with AEM Forms. They come with auto-save features, desktop & mobile-responsive, easy integration with e-sign, and other Adobe reader extensions.

AEM Forms are efficient in document tracking and data security. Personalization at every touchpoint to offer exceptional customer experience. These personalized statements can be accessed 24/7 irrespective of time and location.

There are guides like text, videos, and audio formats available to help with AEM Forms.

AEM Sites – It comprises of AEM CMS (Content Management System) and AI services. AEM Sites support content creation and speeding up the process. It is a unified platform where you can control multiple sites on any devices, at any location, various languages, and responsive designs from one place.

AEM Sites seamlessly integrate well with other AEM tools.

AEM Communities

Building user groups, forums, social platforms to increase user interaction with your brand plays a crucial role in converting visitors into customers. You will eventually have a community of trusted customers and members who enhance the value of the company and create awareness on social media channels.

AEM Communities help in educating customers about latest updates or product/feature launches. You get comprehensive data on user behavior and help you to curate campaigns with communities based on this. User-generated content which is imported from social media will play a vital role in increasing brand identity.


AEM is one of the most significant multifaceted tools available today. AEM’s CMS is cited as the best and the most used CMS platform time and again. These 5 pillars add up to the performance of AEM tremendously.

If you are looking to leverage AEM for your online business or have queries on suitable CMS for your company, then we are here to help you. We at Embitel are an official partner of Adobe and provide a whole lot of AEM services. We offer migration and managed services along with consultation, implementation, integration, and also offer end-to-end services.


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