How Ecommerce Personalization Benefits your Sales and Boosts Brand Loyalty

How Ecommerce Personalization Benefits your Sales and Boosts Brand Loyalty

There are swarms of enterprises today who want to stand out in the competition. Ultimately, everyone is forging towards the goal of increasing sales and brand loyalty. But the fact is that only a handful of organizations are getting it right and have their strategy working for them. It means most of the companies are faltering at few points which is keeping them from achieving their goals.

Today we will talk about personalization, the latest buzzword in the ecommerce industry. Personalization is the key factor that makes or breaks your profits and brand awareness. Let us uncover the definition, details and benefits of ecommerce personalization in this article. We will also be covering how headless CMS fits the whole scheme.

What is Ecommerce Personalization?

Ecommerce personalisation is a process where retailers are moving forward in making customers feel valued.

Ecommerce personalization simply means enterprises are creating customer experiences that are tailor-made based on customer data, information, behavioural traits, demographics, device preferences, intent, and purchase history.

How Relevant is Personalization in Ecommerce?

According to the research done by Epsilon, 80% of customers are likely to buy something on your site/store if  they are happy with the personalised experience offered by the enterprise. Almost 50% of customers switch to another brand if they are dissatisfied with the brand interaction at any point during the purchase cycle.

Personalization is relevant today and will be for good, as it is the baseline for a great digital experience. Customers like to be seen and heard across all the touchpoints during their customer journey with the brand.

Is Personalization and Customization the Same Thing?

They mean the same thing literally, but the logic is different in marketing terms.

In customization, customers are enabled to build their own experiences based on their choices. Whereas in personalization, enterprises create customer experiences based on customer’s data and preferences by analysing their journey.

Advantages of ecommerce personalization

Below mentioned are few reasons why companies should go with ecommerce personalization in today’s era.

  • Unprecedented customer experience
  • Personalization gives enterprises a chance to stay connected with customers like never before. You know your customers choices beforehand, use them to showcase related products they would like to buy, update them with promotions, offers and give various options for payment smoothly. When you put them in the centre of the experience then it is a win-win situation for both customers and enterprises.

  • Boost in sales and conversions
  • Not repeating the procedure from the start when the customer visits your e-store or brick-n-mortar store is the first step towards conversion cycle. Utilise the customer information, behaviour and traits in showcasing related products during check out to customers segmented accordingly. This will not only save customers’ time but also help you minimise efforts.

  • Holistic customer interaction
  • Collecting customer data and using it in the marketing campaigns as a chore will not lead you anywhere. Holistic approach while interacting with customers will help you gain their trust. Customers feel valued and personalization along with proactive approach with offers, services and support will increase allegiance.

  • Thriving the competition
  • Personalization can be the key differentiator for your company as compared to your peers when used mindfully. Customers’ needs are dynamic but if you are consistently offering exceptional customer experiences through personalization then chances of them associating with you longer is guaranteed. They can even be your brand advocates and do branding for you.

Personalisation, Headless CMS and B2B companies

The phrase ‘more the merrier’ holds true in the case where you use headless CMS for personalization and reap benefits especially for B2B companies who are looking for innovative solutions to enhance their customer journey. Benefits of headless CMS in personalization include:

  • Omnichannel personalization: The unified platform has all of the customer information from the onset of their interaction with the brand. This will help businesses to map their journey and offer personalized experiences every time they interact with the brand in future. Businesses can be available for their customers at every touchpoint.
  • Online and Offline personalization: You can connect your customer’s online behaviour and history to your store by sending personalized messages during checkout. When you link offline purchase history on their online accounts then the whole purchase history is stored for the benefit of the businesses and customers for future use.
  • App based personalization: Stay connected with your customers through apps that are available on mobile phones and smart watch. Geofencing feature will help you to send appropriate push notifications to customers when needed.


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