How IT Service Desk Software Can Revamp Business Processes

How IT Service Desk Software Can Revamp Business Processes

What is an IT Service Desk Software?

IT Service Desk (ITSD) software offers a single point of contact between the customers and service providers. It provides a seamless experience for users and the IT organization so that they can effectively track queries and resolve technical problems. It also assists the customers in understanding about the products and services of the company.

The long process of calling the helpdesk, verifying the customer identity, raising tickets, trying to resolve the issue, or passing it on to the concerned authority with available knowledge in real time has been improvised with the help of IT Service Desk software.

Thus, this system helps in improving the productivity and efficiency of the organization. This saves time and resources of the organization. It also gives timely response to the end user.

IT Service Desk software generally has the following functions:

  1. Support Widget
  2. Self Service Portal
  3. Live Chat
  4. Knowledge Base
  5. Custom Reporting
  6. Incident Management
  7. IT driven Ticket raising system
  8. Database management
  9. Better customer experience

How does IT Service Desk help in digital transformation?

Digital transformation is beneficial for both internal customers, i.e., employees, and external customers. Implementation of an IT Service Desk will help in the following functions:

  1. Management of tickets digitally
  2. The traditional method of logging customer issues by calling the customer helpdesk was hectic and long-winded. Digital transformation allows a company to manage tickets online. Just by registering the complaint through the company website or social media, tickets are generated automatically and resolved faster than traditional processes.
    This automated process reduces employee engagement in the end-to-end ticket lifecycle, and thereby saves the time taken for routine work and verification processes. This also frees up organizational resources, so that they can be used for other high priority tasks.

  3. Automated data management
  4. This function uses data from the customer and company to make strategic decisions to meet the objectives of the organization. The system has a framework of managing the whole process.

    From managing tickets to importing customer data, analysing with respect to historical data, and allocation/ handling of tasks are all streamlined by the system.

    Key features of the automated data management module include:

    • First-level problem solving service
    • Automated job allocation based on priority
    • Automated data import
    • Creation of customized spreadsheets, database and dashboards
    • Automated incident management

  5.  Real time handling of multiple clients
  6. When there are requests from multiple clients, ITSD handles the requests efficiently. Repetitive issues are solved by suggested solutions and other complex issues are sorted accordingly. They are then transferred to the employees only if necessary; otherwise issues are handled by the software itself. Incidents from multiple social media handles or other channels are also addressed.

  7. Automatically tracking and updating customers
  8. As an alternative to the time-consuming process of sending personalized emails to customers, this system helps in sending regular updates to them via email and other social media platforms. This saves a lot of time of the customer service professionals, and they can utilise this time to work on other important tasks.

  9. Chatbot
  10. Live chat is another useful feature in an IT Service Desk. It provides an alternate option to users to chat and resolve their problems online. Integration of Artificial Intelligence has transformed customer support service, and the historical customer data collected is used as a knowledge base to provide solutions.
    The Chatbot engages users with human-like interaction, providing solutions to simple problems. This helps the customer service professional to focus on more complicated problems. Chatbots are also available 24/7 to serve the customers.

Freshservice – IT Service Desk software from Freshworks

Freshservice is a leading ITSD software that enables businesses to transition to an ITIL-compliant customer service methodology to effectively manage customer queries or issues. The most attractive value proposition of the Freshworks products is their ease of use. And Freshservice is no different from that.

It streamlines incident management by enabling users to raise IT tickets through emails, phone calls, in person or through a self-service portal. The prioritising, tracking and assignment of tasks are handled by the software.

Depending on the ticket categories, it is possible to assign different SLA policies to incidents. The system also eases the process of resolving tickets and automating escalations.

Final words

With newer technologies coming in, and the world moving towards digitalisation it becomes necessary to adapt and modernize IT managed services.

Although IT Service Desk is a single point of contact between customers and service providers, it definitely executes multiple tasks. Thus, it becomes an extremely cost-efficient tool for the organization.

Efficient management of customer queries through an automated system increases the work satisfaction of the customer service personnel. Thus, they are more inclined to provide better service to customers.

From the customer’s perspective, an IT Service Desk software provides better user experience and saves their valuable time. This can lead to improved customer retention as well.

Accelerate the digitalisation of your business by integrating a IT Service Desk solution such as Freshservice. As a registered Freshworks partner, we can help you get your ITSD software working in the most seamless manner. Connect with us today to learn more about our services related to Freshworks suite of products.



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