hybris based Rapid Deployment Solution (RDS) for Online Grocery business

hybris based Rapid Deployment Solution (RDS) for Online Grocery business

“Your Online Grocery store can now go Live in just 100 days!”

Technology is a great enabler of your ecommerce business ideas.But at times project over-run costs can severely impact not only the bottom-line but also your time-to-market.

In order to safe-guard your business from such repercussions, our team of Ecommerce Business and Technology Consultants has designed a ‘hybris’ based Rapid Deployment Solution (RDS) tailored for Online Grocery businesses.

Omnichannel capabilities of the hybris platform along with features specific to the grocery business (designed by Embitel) to deliver unified shopping experience to your customers across channels.

Key features designed by Embitel just for Online Grocery:

  • Multiple shopping lists allows user to ‘Add-All-to-cart’ from shopping lists for quick checkout. For instance, customers can create lists based on category (Vegetables, Fruits, Grocery, Diary)
  • Inline product search with product/price info and ‘Add-to-cart’ button
  • Slot selection for scheduled delivery
  • Dynamic/Real time Product bundling with special offer prices for cross-selling/up-selling
  • ‘Shop by Recipe’ to make purchase easy and hassle free
  • Support for additional payment methods – Food Coupons, In store point of salethrough App
  • Nearest Store Locator, Support for multiple delivery options (Store Pick-up, Home delivery)

Check out this Press Release highlighting the value-adds this RDS has in-store for you Embitel launches a hybris-based RDS for Online Grocery


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