hybris Commerce Suite: Speed-to-Market with hybris Android App SDK

hybris Commerce Suite: Speed-to-Market with hybris Android App SDK

Wiki says an App is ‘a self-contained program or piece of software designed to fulfill a particular purpose:’

Thanks to the innovative human mind and its quest to make a technology driven better tomorrow, we now have apps to fulfill purposes ranging from grocery shopping to personal wealth management and banking!

As consumers, we’re fascinated by well-designed Apps and their intuitive UI that simplifies the way we shop or bank. But the experience of designing and developing a Software App is equally exciting and involves a lot of creativity and exceptional problem-solving abilities.

To help you understand this journey of App Development in detail, here are some insights from Puneet Ahuja, Software Engineer, Embitel Technologies.

Puneet has been a part of the team that has been designing and developing Ecommerce Apps for various brands of one of India’s leading retail conglomerates.

These Native Android Apps are designed using hybris Android SDK as the ecommerce web-stores of this customer have been developed by Embitel on hybris platform to implement Omnichannel Capabilities.

“Though a well-defined and simplified UI with user friendly navigations is critical, it is the responsiveness of your app that is key to ensure customer loyalty,” says Puneet. “This responsiveness depends on the speed of interaction with the backend (database), and hybris platform is most powerful in this aspect.”

According to him, working with Android SDK of hybris Commerce Suite 5.2 ensured that App Development time was reduced substantially and hence enabled the customer to go live ahead of time!

The available components of the hybris Android SDK and associated APIs made customization of the following common features simpler and faster:

  • Login Page and its backend
  • Product free search feature
  • PLP (Product Listing Pages)
  • Category Pages
  • PDP (Product Description Pages)
  • Add to Cart feature

This allowed the development team to spend more time and efforts on achieving a seamless UX!

“For a B2C app, a well-designed Home Page is also critical. Easy access to the Top Sellers, Promotional Deals and various categories of products ensures the buyer hits that divine Add-to-cart button,” says Puneet.

So, is there a certain process that a developer follows to bring that piece of code (an app) to life? Well, there is a whole software engineering science (and art) behind this. But to briefly describe the entire process, following are the critical components of this process:

  • After brainstorming and defining the purpose of the App, Visual Designs (VDs) and Backend are designed
  • As per the VDs, native codes are written to create tones of UI files
  • These UI files are connected to the back-end using RESTful APIs to implement various App features

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