Interview with Digital Experience Head on Customer Experience Scenario

Interview with Digital Experience Head on Customer Experience Scenario

  1. What are you currently doing to enhance your customer experience?
  2. -We are applying modern day omnichannel experiences and targeted content marketing which caters to our customers, brings awareness and ensures an unbroken digital journey on any platform they choose to use for their web experience.

    • Ensuring deliverables as per the project scope through – weekly summary, reports, meetings, feedback, experience
    • Creating predictability and improvements
    • ITIL framework
    • CMDB
    • Dedicated SPOC
    • TAT and resolution
    • Proposing better and new best practices
    • Proposing better ROI and futuristic solutions
    • Cloud-based services
    • Automation
    • Staying focused and engaged
    • Being part of their team
  3. What kind of measures have you taken to ensure customer’s privacy and security?
  4. -Information of the customer is secured in the native geography of the customer's location. For example, AWS caters to its clients in the APAC region with their localized instances and no longer is data stored or transmitted trans-continental, this not only ensures higher degree of security but also maintains peak performance on large scale usage and installs at customer locations.

    • Data security and compliances
    • Secured architecture approach for solutions and design
    • Security tools for Managed services, development, testing, and hosting
    • ISO 27000 standards
    • Reports and review
    • Maintaining security patches and updates
    • Data access retains with customer
  5. What is your take on automation in digital experience?
  6. -The automation or re-use of digital experience components is vital to the conversion of prospects who interact with brands and their products online. On the delivery front, it ensures a consistent cross-channel experience anywhere at any time. Content that is updated or created is delivered across every touchpoint systematically and native to that venue of consumption for the customers. Data is no longer siloed and is shared across publishing channels, so each part of the digital experience is uniform as it has a 360-degree view of the prospect and tailors the experience accordingly, it helps in adapting to the customer at the right place and at the right time.

  7. What according to you will be the trend/technology that will rule the roost in the 2022 digital experience and why?
  8. -A trend that has long begun in manufacturing and/or automated machinery to a substantial extent is Industry 4.0, this would begin with the next phase in multiple data collection and/or profiling of customers at the deepest level to serve experiences that are further streamlined and have more relevance to their search and consumption of products and services. While unified experiences do exist, now, post-pandemic, customers would look for less stress-bearing experiences and lesser options to choose from, the mindshare or experience capital will have to be carefully managed and systems that reflect great experiences but are also adept at collecting “experience” data will become more and more relevant.

    • AI
    • ML
    • IoT
    • Security
    • Cloud consolidation and optimization
    • Omnichannel
    • Automation
    • Hybrid working environment
    • Blockchain
  9. What is the competitive differentiation of Embitel when it comes to digital and customer experience? (Or USP of Embitel that sets it apart from its competitors)
  10. Embitel has long been a market leader in developing/implementing large scale platforms such as AEM, AMC, etc., with the next generation of engineering and consulting prowess more and more customers are now engaging with us for advice/consultation from Day 1 of their digital transformation journey, Embitel now not only implements and maintains the platform of choice for clients but also helps in building those journeys and assets which would become the brand’s lynchpin for its GTM/BD efforts. The ability of Embitel to stay involved from Day 1 and offer insights into a digital launch and day-to-day process augmentation for clients sets it apart from its competitors

    • Open for building new services, platforms, solutions as collaboration using the existing or new partner
    • Multi-domain experience ranging from – applications, front-end, back-end, cloud services, product engineering, testing, industry-specific solutions, OEM partnerships, automation

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