Magento Extended (ME) – A proprietary framework designed for faster and better performance

Magento Extended (ME) – A proprietary framework designed for faster and better performance

With an increasing number of businesses opting to make an appearance on the web, and many of them choosing Magento platform, Embitel’s Magento Ecommerce team thought it was time to streamline processes for better results.

“For every project, each developer had to download and set up Magento locally on his system, a lengthy process. So if the project required several developers, a whole day would be spent doing only that,” says Manish Narayan, technical manager for Magento at Embitel. And so Magento Extended (E) was conceptualized to solve operational and platform performance-related challenges

Magento E explained, and how it helps

A proprietary DevOps Magento framework, Magento E is deployed through SVN/GIT and can be set up with one command.

With an additional data cache layer and a module of automated merging and minifying JS and CSS script, it leads to a faster page load.

The set up time alone falls from 45 minutes per developer to 15 minutes. Magento E also separates the core and the customizable features, making it easy to install upgrades.

With many such small amendments, Embitel’s Magento E framework makes processes more streamlined. With good data integrity and easy deployment strategies, the result is a product with better stability.

While the advantages of the framework seem to be process-oriented, the fact is ease of use and enhanced efficiency leads to better output and improved project quality.

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