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Embitel’s 2015 – QA Initiatives that Made a Difference

For Nancy Nithya, Embitel’s Quality Assurance manager, 2015 was a year of continuous progress and learnings. As she looks back, she shares her accomplishments during the year and her plans to intensify Embitel’s quality assurance efforts in 2016.

  • Quality Assurance for maintenance projects
    • “For our projects, following correct process is all important for maximum efficiency and to get the desired results. While we have a robust system in place for our development projects, it’s the process for our maintenance projects that we decided to design in the last year. I’m pleased to say it has been implemented, and since then there’s much more clarity between the client and our team, leading to a better outcome and happier customers!
      • Reinforcement of CMMI process guidelines
        • “In the intense pace of things it’s easy to forget the everyday dos and don’ts, so we had several workshops for our project managers and leaders in 2015, reinforcing awareness of the CMMi process areas. With enhanced process management and documentation skills, our teams function better, follow the trusted guidelines and produce better results.”
      • Implementation of Redmine – a flexible project management tool
        • “Managing your time and tasks efficiently is key to smooth functioning and contributes to the quality of output. In the past few months, we have introduced Redmine, a popular tool for project planning. With all the background work in place, most of our colleagues are already using it, and the remaining are on their way to doing so.”
      • Customized processes for our mobility team
        • “Technologies evolve fast and our latest offering, mobility services, was streamlined this year with custom-designed processes to suit the short life cycle of projects typical of the domain.

      In the pipeline this year is an upgrade of our ISO 9001 certification to 2015 (it’s currently 2008), and a review of our CMMI level 3 certification.

      Besides that, we plan to schedule regular reinforcement our Quality Management Systems and EmbiQ model, a framework that has been bringing us good results so far.”

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