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Why Website Personalisation is Important in Marketing Strategy and Conversions

Personalization has taken a new meanings and definition over a period. With advancements in technology and changing customer’s demands, enterprises have no choice but to abreast themselves with both the worlds and deliver better to customers while keeping resources and everyone involved in the organization happy.

The company that stays relevant will be the one who can thrive in the market today. Marketing strategy has grown and gets improvised year after year. What is new in 2023 you ask?

You must have heard about personalization of experiences in various areas of customer journey. But what is website personalization? This sounds new.

Let us discuss about website personalization and its benefits in detail in this blog below. Keep reading.


Introduction – Website Personalization 

Website personalization is popularly called as web personalization or dynamic website personalization. It is a process where enterprises create custom website experiences for every user who comes to the web page.

Generally, same web pages are shown to all users who come on to the website. But with website personalization, you show specific pages, products and content based on user’s behavioural traits. Every user gets to witness unique experiences. Free size or one-size-fits-all doesn’t work for everyone anymore.

The primary objective here is to make the user feel valued, their interest being taken care of in a holistic way.

Web personalization was a tedious task few years ago but with the new technology and tools available today it has become easier to map customer journey with the enterprises. The data and information help in creating efficient personalised experiences for users.


Website Personalization Benefits

  • Better Call-to-Action Conversion
  • One of the important steps in the customer lifecycle process is having powerful CTAs (Call-to-action) buttons. It is one of the best ways to onset the conversion process as it influences users to do the action like click the button, free demo, take a survey, read more etc.

    Irrespective of the activity that is intended to do by the user, you still have to personalize the CTA buttons. Recent market research have shown that companies with personalised CTAs generated more sales than the ones with generic CTAs.

  • Rise in Landing Pages Conversions
  • Landing page is one of the key factors in user experience touch points which makes or breaks your impression with users. Landing pages should be personalised based on their online behaviour and history. SaaS companies and Ecommerce organizations should emphasize more on optimizing landing pages into personalized web pages for every user. Every user should get unique experience based on their preferences. This change has impacted the companies with increased landing page conversions.

  • Increased Customer Loyalty
  • When you put customer’s interest before yours then you will surely emerge a winner. Users will go with the brand who treats them well and who caters to their needs without any roadblocks. Seamless experiences across all touchpoints is what they are looking for. Companies need to utilize newer technologies in creating immersive user experiences. This way users not only stay with for longer time they also become voice of your brand.

    Running frequent loyalty programs that are customised will help users know that you care for them and you will be there for them

  • Relevant Product Suggestions
  • Inappropriate product recommendations are one of the most annoying things that users have found. Display of suggestions based on some trending market-based assumptions are wrong as they send negative image about your brand to the customers.

    The advantage of website personalization is that with the available user data, you can show them products based on their interests on whichever device they are. This will keep them interested in your brand and also appreciate the attention to detail quality of your company.

  • Improved connection with Customers
  • Website personalization enables you to segment audience and sort them in different marketing funnels where you can interact with them closely, frequently and offer personalised experiences seamlessly. This segmentation helps you to show them different versions of your website appropriately.

    This practice helps in lead qualification for sure and showing pop-ups, CTAs and templates at right intervals will also give users better website experience and chances of conversions are high.

  • Lesser Follow Ups
  • Did you know, as much as 50% of users have given feedback that they get irrelevant and huge number of marketing emails. No wonder they all go into spam or trash. The best solution is to stick to quality over quantity. Send less but captivating content and relevant emails that are personalised to garner attention.

    With advanced tools you can track their actions on the emails sent and prepare the next step as to follow up or drop the lead.

  • Productive Sales Time
  • Lot of sales team’s time is lost in lead validation and dealing with unqualified leads. Enterprises should make use of modern technology tools from AEM services stack which help in audience segmentation. These tools and platforms also help in marketing campaigns, data sourcing and journey mapping. The customer also will not feel like being bothered with numerous calls or follow ups. Both parties can just carry on with the conversation from where they left rather than starting all over again.

  • Decreased Bounce Rate
  • If you show irrelevant product suggestions and very generic, undesirable content to the users then the bounce rate will be high. They will leave the site immediately never to return.

    Clutter-free, easy to use and understanding content with interesting images or graphics will nudge the users to stay longer and explore the site or products.


When you are determined to give unparalleled experiences to the users then you are on the right track on achieving customer loyalty and increase in profits. All you need is trusted partner who knows the industry and your objectives clearly.

There are plenty of tools available to map user journey and collect data in a secure way. AEM tools and services help in dynamic personalization throughout the marketing process like ads, emails, landing pages forms.

Our proficient teams at Embitel have over 16 years of experience and global clientele. Our expertise in technology, implementation and support has helped us have a long-term relationship with our customers. We can help you with end-to-end services and our bespoke assistance whenever, wherever needed. Reach out to our team at sales@embitel.com


About the Author

Vaibhav is a digital-marketing professional with a deep-rooted interest in everything automotive. Regular collaborations with automotive tech guys keep him apprised of all new trends in the automotive industry. Besides digital marketing, Vaibhav is fond of writing and music.

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