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How IoT Technology Stack Enables Efficient ‘Tracking & Harvesting’, in a Solar Energy Harvesting Solution

One of the most fascinating and innovative use-cases of how IoT can help in improving the RoI and system efficiency is that of an IoT powered Solar Energy Harvesting Platforms.

The core objective of a Solar Energy Harvesting solution is to maximize energy harvesting capability of the field-deployed solar panels.

In order to ensure that solar panels are able to deliver optimum Solar Energy output, it is imperative that they are made to align with the sun’s trajectory throughout the day.

The conventional solar energy harvesting solutions are faced with various challenges that limit their overall efficiency. This includes:

  • Adjusting the inclination of the numerous field-deployed solar panels in tandem with changing position of the sun
  • Efficient maintenance and damage protection of the field deployed solar panels, especially in situations like heavy windfall and rainfall.

This is where an Internet of Things (IoT) delivers unmatched value-add!

But how? Watch the video to understand:

What is the Video All About?:

The video gives a sneak-peek into the technology stack of an IoT-based Solar Energy Harvesting solution. It also offers an insight into:

  • Critical functions performed by IoT powered Solar Energy Harvesting System
  • How Data flows between the fundamental components of the system to enable efficient harvesting of solar energy.

This Part-1 of the video series focusing on the Solar Energy Harvesting System. In this part 1, we focus on how the system performs efficient “ Tracking and harvesting of solar energy” .

In the next part, we will discuss about the third main function that is “SCADA based remote monitoring” of the field deployed Solar panels.

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