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[Video Blog] How Model Based Development Works: A Step-by-Step Analysis

In our first video on Model Based Development, we focused on the introduction of Model Based Development, in the context of Automotive Product Development projects.

We also highlighted some of the benefits of migrating from manual coding to Model-Driven software development.

Our new Video on Model Based Development is a further deep dive into this model and simulation-based method of software development.

This video blog on MBD will unravel the three pillars of Model Based Development and will highlight the step-by-step analysis of how Model Based Development Works!

Our Video on Model Based Development will Cover:

  • The Basics of Model Based Development
  • The MBD process flowchart
  • Analyzing the different phases of model based development approach
  • The three pillars of model based development

Who can Benefit from our MBD Video?

The video explains MBD in a simplistic manner but also packs a whole lot of information. Thus, making it ideal for a wider audience that may comprise of,

  • Budding automotive engineers,
  • Experienced embedded engineers, looking to shift to MBD
  • Business managers and decision makers

Hope you will like the video. Watch this space for much videos on automotive and IoT domains.


About the Author

Vaibhav is a digital-marketing professional with a deep-rooted interest in everything automotive. Regular collaborations with automotive tech guys keep him apprised of all new trends in the automotive industry. Besides digital marketing, Vaibhav is fond of writing and music.

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