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[Video] Meet Motor Control System: The Brain Behind the Automotive Motors

*This is part-II of our Video Blog series on Electric Motors. Do check out the Part- I Video 

The second part of the video series on Automotive Motor Control System is about the control unit that manages the rotation of the motors, based on the inputs from the application.

In this video, we will highlight the need of such control systems. We will also explain how a Motor Control System works and what are the different components, at play.

As the automobiles evolved, the need for components that eases the driving and other operations was strongly felt. We all have felt how tough it is to rotate a manual steering wheel.

On the contrary, an electric power steering makes it easy to rotate the same wheel with some assist from the motor.

It is the automotive motor control system that does all the complex calculations, regarding the amount of assist required.

The video unravels the world of Motor Control Systems in detail.

The video will give key insights into:

  • What exactly is a Motor Control System?
  • What is the need for a Motor Control System in an Automotive Application?
  • What are the different components of such a Automotive Motor Control system?
  • How does a Motor Controller work?
  • What are the common applications of Automotive Motor Control Systems in automobiles?

The video is designed to give you a fair amount of idea about motor control systems w.r.t automotive. Should you need more details, we recommend you go through our detailed blog on automotive motor control system.

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Jan 30 2019
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