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[Vlog] Understanding Items & Item Definition, Before the Hazard Assessment and Risk Analysis Process

The ISO 26262 Standard recommends a functional safety lifecycle to be followed, for design and development of an automotive E/E system.

Item definition is part of the concept phase of this Functional Safety Lifecycle. It is the very first step of your functional safety journey.

So, what makes item definition so important?

The functional safety consultants must have an in-depth understanding of the system that is being developed, as per the ISO 26262 standard. The item definition provides this understanding.

It is a list of the system, sub-systems, functional dependencies and various such attributes. The information contained in the Item definition document, serves as an input for the HARA process.

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In the video, we will discuss Item definition in detail. Let’s have a look at the snapshot of the video:

  • Finding Item Definition in Functional Safety Lifecycle
  • Understanding Item in Item Definition
  • What is Item Definition
  • What makes Item Definition so important?
  • A Snapshot of Item Definition

For a functional safety consultant, item definition is a very important document. Each and every information about the system, that is under the scope of ISO 26262, is defined here.

Such information is instrumental in the success of the HARA process and ultimately in finding the safety goals and ASIL value of the system.

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