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[Video] Why Proof-of-Concept is Critical for your IoT Success

There is no denying the fact that Internet of Things (IoT) can help businesses unlock their true potential and also create new revenue streams.

However, the road to success has been a challenging one for the Global IoT Projects and Initiatives.

According to a Cisco report, around 3/4th (that is 75%) of the IoT projects are failing.

For this study, Cisco has surveyed close to 1800+ IT and business decision-makers from  the US, the UK, and India. This survey has been conducted  across a range of industries including  energy , manufacturing ,transportation, retail and healthcare.

But IoT Technology is marching ahead, despite the temporary roadblocks. 64% of the survey respondents said that the Learning From the Failed IoT Projects have helped them accelerate their organization’s investment in Internet of Things ( IoT).

And this where the role of Proof-of-Concept becomes very critical!

But how is a PoC process related to your IoT project Success? A Proof-of-Concept helps you identify key challenges at an early-stage and prepare you to address them before the final enterprise-wide implementation.

But here comes another twist! The Cisco report also found that about 60% IoT initiatives stall at the PoC stage.

According to the report, some of the major reasons derailing the success of a IoT PoC initiatives include:

  • Lack of a technology focused culture
  • Lack of expertise in IoT
  • Lack on inter-team collaboration

So, what can you do to make the best out of you IoT PoC activities? Find out in this video

What will you Learn from this Video?

In this informative video, our IoT experts share why PoC can be the stepping stone of your IoT projects success.

They also share the ultimate recipe to help you derive maximum value out of your IoT POC activities.

Watch this video to learn about :

  • Why PoC is important to ensure success of your IoT initiatives?
  • What are the steps involved in an IoT PoC development?
  • What are the Technology best practices for a successful IoT POC?

Who will Find this Video a Value-Add?

From IoT product developers to IoT solution architects – anyone associated with IoT Product development -may find this video interesting enough.

Hope you liked this video. Please stay tuned for more of such technology videos and blogs.


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